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Join a Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative Orientation Call on June 21!

 • Hear about the science that shows it is possible to reverse global warming.

 • Learn about the transformational workshops you can use to spread this message.

 • Discover how you can join the movement to reverse global warming.

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  • We at RPA recently visited a Solar Farm in Ontario, NY

  • Halina Goldstein, Jem Friar, Luis Gallardo, I wanted to connect the three of you since you all do work around joy and happiness. I thought there might be some things for you to discuss :)

    If you have any recommendations for how to implement some of your approaches into the Global Commons, we'd love to hear them!

  • INVITATION: Hello Global Commons. The Pachamama Writers' Group, closed (and safe) would like to grow our group. As we gather the pollen of our thoughts and our experiences, we simply practice writing and share 2x a month, Mondays 4pm PDT, currently. Consider the power of the written word and the future of Pachamama and join us if you want to practice.

  • Luis Gallardo created an event

    1st World Happiness Virtual Agora

    18 Mar '19 09:00 - 22 Mar '19 17:00
  • Hi, I just joined the community. I'd love to invite you to the upcoming World Happiness Virtual Agora. www.happinessagora.world where we'll share experiences from all around the world about realizing a world with more happiness and less misery and suffering. Join us.

  • Here is one of the working groups of the Delaware River Valley Community standing behind and supporting a community member as she shares the purpose that they worked on during the community day! With June Hament , Marty Levin and Sandy Freid.

  • Just spent time with the beautiful people of the York Pennsylvania Pachamama Alliance Community. Thank you Erin Shrader for welcoming us to your community and for everything you do!

  • The ATD symposium at the JU facilitator training programme venue. It was held for last few participants who haven't attended the ATD symposium yet. JU facilitator training will be starting tomorrow in Chengdu for 3 days. Then the training will be moved to Beijing.

  • 11 people representing all three of Rochester Pachamama's Drawdown courses went on a field trip to Greenspark, a B-Corp that is Rochester's largest solar installer, fastest-growing company, and "#1 company to work for." Behind us is their first community solar farm (they have built four more in the past year or so). They also construct wind turbines, like the one to the right. Community solar allows people whose roofs are not well situated for solar or who do not own their own homes (but pay their utilities) to access solar energy, usually paying less than the electric company's rates.

  • Josh - If you get this, please respond - can you please give me a call within the next two hours if you are available? I am doing a small ATD symposium for a class at UNH tonight and I want to confirm the organizations that Pachamama are currently advising people to sign on in order to advocate for 1) bringing democracy back to the people instead of moneyed interests and 2) addressing climate change. Thanks, Bill Cuff

  • With a stronger will and connection after the Achua bracelets were tied on the wrists.

  • Xiao is the key person to lead the Beijing Volunteer Team. Today there's a full-day ATD symposium at Moms Club.

  • Jan Shuman, Cynthia Taylor, Tom Oaks, Jerald Leimenstoll - it was great to be on the Global Call with all of you today! I wanted to connect you here to be able to continue your conversation in the Global Commons.

  • I've chosen the Drawdown Ambassador route. As part of that, in my role as Editor of our Rochester, NY Abundance Food Coop newsletter, I wrote the following article:
    By Margie Campaigne

    I bet you were caught off guard by that headline! What can shopping at Abundance possibly have to do with reversing global warming? I didn’t think reversing global warming was even possible! Have a seat and learn how it is possible.

    Have you heard of Project Drawdown yet? It’s a book and a worldwide movement, initiated by Paul Hawken, an activist and entrepreneur, that summarizes the work of a team of scientists, researchers, and others from around the globe who spent some years researching what the actual top 100 contributors to global warming really are, and the approximate percentage of warming each factor is responsible for. (Check out www.Drawdown.org for more background.)

    First let me share the seven general areas that these solutions fall into: land use, energy, food (aha!), transportation, materials, women and girls, plus buildings and cities. Perhaps surprisingly, the #1 solution falls under materials – it’s refrigerant management. Remember how we had to rethink chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) a couple of decades ago because it was discovered they were making holes in the ozone layer when escaping into the atmosphere? We dealt with that, and the holes in the ozone layer were repaired. Now however, the remaining refrigerant gases are potent greenhouse gases (GHGs) – the ones besides CO2 that are trapping excess heat. The solutions encompass finding safer refrigerants, system efficiency, capturing and destroying them at the end of their useful life, and plugging and avoiding leaks. I propose that since we have new freezer and refrigeration units in our new store, that they are part of the solution!
    Next highest under our purview is #3: reduced food waste. One aspect of this, I believe, is our bulk section, where you can buy the exact amount you need of your selection, whether it’s a few ounces or a few pounds. Did you know that, according to a current post by our very own Monroe County Eco Park, “Myth: Food is only a small fraction of what we dispose. Fact: In New York State, 18% of our waste stream is comprised of food. NYS Pollution Prevention Institute put together this great fact sheet to highlight some statistic about food waste. Even more powerful is the idea that reducing food loss by 15% would be enough food to feed more than 25 MILLION Americans each year.”
    Right under food waste reduction is #4 – a plant-rich diet. It was previously calculated by the renowned World Watch Institute that livestock production accounted for anywhere from 18% to 51% of GHG production if you include direct and indirect emissions. That’s one aspect. Another is the amount of farmland needed to feed us all is greatly reduced. There is absolutely no excuse and no need to cut down tropical rainforests for farmland related to cattle production. If you are simply and irrevocably fond of the taste of meat and other animal products, we carry many companies’ substitute meat products. I can vouch for many that they are very tasty.
    Another aspect under the food category is composting, which is #60. Abundance uses Community Composting to make sure we are not sending waste produce into the landfill. If you eat in our dining area, you can see there is a bucket for your compostable items there too, besides regular recycling bins.
    Certainly, you have noticed, perhaps even used, the RTS bus route that goes right down South Avenue in front of our store. Mass Transit is #37 on the solutions list. And if you ride your bikes, we have bike racks in our parking lot!

    Something else we did when configuring this new store is to use LED lighting. Commercial LED lighting is #44 on the list. It not only saves on our electric bill (for lighting AND the air conditioning not needed because of the heat from incandescent lighting) but will save on maintenance costs because of LEDs’ longer life.
    Perhaps if you read Drawdown, and/or join the local Project Drawdown group, you will think of even more ways shopping at Abundance fits into the Big Picture! For more information, contact Sue Staropoli: suestar1@rochester.rr.com or (585) 734-2816. Also www.Drawdown.org and www.Pachamama.org.
    Worthy of note – our GM Jim DeLuca told me that Paul Hawken was a keynote speaker at the National Coop Grocers Association (NCGA) conference he attended last year. Attendees were given copies of the Drawdown book, and Hawken was presented with a $50,000 check from NCGA in support of Project Drawdown’s work and mission. Abundance has hosted an information night regarding Drawdown in our Community Room. That is how yours truly became involved.

  • Hi we are Lights One from Portugal
    Lights One is an open project, and it’s beginning dates back to 2001. Not only intuition, but also improvise, were in the foundation of this project, and it has always used art as it’s way to communicate. That explains the mixture of Music, Crystal Jewelry, Sculpture and Dance which, in a sort of natural way, made it possible to create groups/cores for sharing in the areas of self-sustainability and self-healing. Without any sponsorships, Lights One has been feeding itself from connections and sharing knowledge between people who think likewise, intending to promote links among people who contribute for social permaculture, where there’s opportunity for mutual help and actions for common welfare. So far, we’ve had people and artists volunteering from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Jerusalem, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Cape Verde, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Venezuela, etc.

  • I am so excited about the Intro to Drawdown in Ashland, Or at Jackson WellSprings. The enthusiastic young leaders will make this a great success!

  • Earth-based wisdom is accessible to all who listen. What wisdom does nature share with you?

  • Social Justice "
    Is anti-homosexuality becoming the racism of the 21st century?


  • An happy photo was taken after the workshop。 At the left corner in the back, there are teacher Miss Wang (pink t-shirt), and LiJuan whose daughter is in the class. LiJuang has joined ATD salon and one full-day symposium who made decision and push 2-hour ATD kids version available.