5 Reasons for Optimism

Pachamama Alliance • 6 August 2018

With all of the messages we receive about the challenges in the world, it’s important to remind ourselves of all of the positive things that are taking place as well. Pachamama Alliance recently released a short video, 5 Reasons to be Optimistic About the State of the World, that looks at some major changes that are sweeping the globe now and moving us towards a thriving future. 

For an optional bit of reading, check out this article by Alex Steffen, The Politics of Optimism, for his thoughts on why optimism isn't just a nice mindset, but a powerful political act:

"Great movements for social change always begin with statements of great optimism... Every time we explain how a better future might be built, we redraw the boundaries of the possible." 

Enjoy this burst of optimism in your day and then share your thoughts with our community:

What gives you hope for the future, and why?