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  • Hi Alison

    I have recently completed the game changer intensive course . I am interested in joining this group and helping out where I can

    Kind Regards


  • Happy Spring!
    I am working with some fellow Pachamama Journeyers on a project inspired in Sharamentsa, Ecuador 2 years ago. I had a dream of returning to Sharamentsa to teach, and following my dream our Achuar friends said make it happen. Our Achuar partners want to learn English and about the world outside of the rainforest. They need tools to work against forces that want to exploit the lands beneath them, and English is their choice of tool. My small group of friends and I are now an official 501(c)3. We are building a school, using traditional Achuar building methods (pole building with thatched roof), and guest quarters for 2 teachers! This fall we will start with our first volunteers (me included!). We need your help. Please contact me directly if you would like more information on how to volunteer and how to help us to make this dream a reality.

    We are not an official part of Pachamama, but we are inspired by Pachamama to do this project and hope to do it with the same grace, fidelity, and love for Earth and her inhabitants that is evidenced by Pachamama and Pachamama members.
    Ginny 303-910-0776.

  • Hi all! Would love to gather this spring...are there any events?

  • Meg Krieg posted

    Thanks Jason for leading us in a great workshop. It’s good to know You will stand by Holley and our Pachamama Alliance even when an alligator is lurking over her shoulder

  • Anna, thank you for inviting me. I'd love to connect with all of you in the future. Abrazos

  • Jorge, te invito a que participes también del Grupo Pachamama de South Bay y Long Beach, que acabo de lanzar como un grupo adicional al de L.A. county. Dialoguemos de procesos colaborativos para co-presentar en Espanol para personas hispanas en estas areas. Tenemos 75% comunidad hispana y son mi foco principal en este momento para brindarles mayor entendimiento y enlazar actividad. Mis esfuerzos serán trabajar colaborativamente con participantes del grupo Iberoamericano en diversos proyectos que tengo en mente. Dialoguemos.

  • Thanks to everyone for their input about how to handle the 5 followup sessions to the Introduction to Drawdown. I appreciated hearing the different ways you have handled this according to your own situations. It sounds like it almost takes its own life on once you start. I look forward to the next call.

  • Awakening the Dreamer coming soon to Grants Pass, Oregon.

  • I look forward to creating a vibrant and engaged Pachamama community in our area. These are exciting and challenging times for all of us and we need our voices to be heard and our actions to move us in the direction we long for: an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just society. Starting locally sounds like a very good next step!

  • Another well attended Intro to Drawdown Presentation at the River Road Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda, Maryland. We had 60 attendees.

    Lore Rosenthal co-presented with me and continues to mentor me on the details of creating a successful presentation.

    This event was possible because of the fantastic planning from Rosemary Hodges , Trica Tice, Susan Eisendrath and Jack Lebowitz.

    Afterwards, this wonderful group invited Marc Elrich, the Montgomery County Executive, and other key government employees to discuss how the county is using Project Drawdown to respond to climate change.

    Fellow DC Alliance members rita zanin and Chuck Woolery attended. Plus, we were delighted that fellow member Jennye Johnson was able to drive up all the way from outside of Charlottesville, VA to attend, too.

  • 65+ attendees came out for the Introduction to Drawdown at the Ridewood Senior Community in Silver Spring, MD (Beltsville) on March 14th.

    Lore Rosenthal and I co-presented. Lore is such a good mentor, sharing a little more of the presentation duties at each event, plus modeling the tremendous amount of coordination work that goes into these presentations before and after the event.

  • Wendy Wu posted

    We held a full day ATD symposium to 40+ public kindergarten principals at Huadao Eco Community on March 20th. We had Amy, Xiao, Hans and I made a great facilitators team.

  • This painting was created by Verena Wild, a participant, who was inspired by the ideas and messages of the Game Changer Intensive.

    Verena says, "The essay "Humanity's choice" by Duane Elgin inspired me to do a painting that shows humanity's challenges and despair, as well as the vision of the cosmic garden of life that still exists and wants to be restored. I dedicate this painting to the vision that is the foundation of your course - the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, so to say :)."

  • Hello Everyone. I'm wondering HOW CAN WE get Drawdown and supporting Pachamama materials to Greta Thunberg in Sweden and to young people here in the Sunrise Movement.
    In support for their work on the Green New Deal, I have ordered the book for Senator Markey and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez which should arrive in their offices tomorrow, 3/22.
    I'm very glad to find this group and to be connecting with you from Gainesville, Florida, as a new member this morning.

  • Last night I found myself rethinking our whole conversation. There are so many ways I found to declutter my mind and environment. I begin today.