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  • Today we had an open day at the school where we volunteer, I thought you may like to see the art work that the children had done following our beach clean up a few weeks ago. They children spoke very well about the impact of plastics and the environment and invited people to commit to make a change and to put that in writing on a board they had provided. These people are the future and education is the only way we will change that future.

  • Hello friends, I hope you are all keeping an eye on what is going on atCOP24? Personally I find it offensive that the Polish allow the Coal industry to sponsor the event. Yesterday another organisation that I volunteer with had a great event called 24 Hours of Reality, it is run by the Climate Reality Project. I encourage you all to take a look at some of the content because it is very useful. Our own project Munay Ki which as many of you know is taking environmental and social responsibility education to public schools in our district in rural Lima, Peru was lucky to be called out on the broadcast. This event beamed into 180 countries to 800,000,000 people, not counting the on-line presence, I guess having an ex VP of the USA has some pulling power :). You can follow us on FB here https://m.facebook.com/J%C3%B3venes-L%C3%ADderes-Clim%C3%A1ticos-del-Pe…

  • Greetings. I am Loren and look forward to joining this community of people, all compelled to work with mother earth

  • A few days after An extraordinary Claim the Climate manifestation in Brussels, the heart of newEurope , the partipants feel taken for fools by our government as our ministers continue to act like destroyers on the COP 24 in Poland by making the wrong decisions. How to cope with this unconsienceness of the men and women who govern us ? What can we do as a citizan ?

  • Listen up for comprehensive examination & analysis of TV climate change coverage from Brooke Gladstone of OnTheMedia.org Nov 30 2018 and History of Climate Scientists reporting on Major Media from Andy Revkin Nov 28 2018 (formerly The New York Times chief climate change/global warming reporter and now head of National Geographic’s climate coverage,
    Sorry, I am unable to forward a transcript.
    If anyone can do this, please do.
    Most of us have learned facts do not alone change minds but this collection of how the media nationally and locally operates is the best there is to date.
    Consider writing all of your your local TV, radio, newspaper and business magazine why they should tell the same story and invite them to your next session of Drawdown.

  • It was two years ago when I brought the ATD symposium to Shenyang, the biggest city in Northeast China with the population of 8,000,000. For these two years I was the only ATD facilitator here. Now, we finally have other facilitators!

    The training was one day and a half, on Dec 1st and 2nd. The youngest facilitator is 16 years old. She experienced the Jump Up Program this summer, and decided to be a ATD facilitator to do more for the world.

    Thanks to Maisa and Erik for making this happen. You guys are the best. It's so great working with you. And you're always welcome to come back to Shenyang. LOVE YOU!!!

  • Amy and I held a Drawdown Sharing with our neighbours and friends in HuaDao Eco Community at in our neighbour Fan's study room last Saturday night.

  • This is very interesting, a new way of banking that claims to measure your footprint and allows you to offset the carbon, http://doconomy.com/faq.html

  • WhatsApp seems to be a very popular communication tool, we use it here in Peru a lot for the work we do and find it very useful. I wonder if people would see the value in setting up a Pachamama group for communicating events and other information. As useful as Global Commons is I still find it a bit cumbersome (please, this is not a complaint).

  • I just read this very sad news about a big oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon. https://www.ecowatch.com/amazon-oil-spill-2621884466.html
    I have a question to Pachamama staff, is anyone helping the Mayuriaga indigenous community in the Loreto region? According to the report they damaged the pipeline (I am trying to confirm if this is true) which seems counter intuitive to me, by all means protest but to damage ones own environment seems short sighted. Someone needs to help these people.

  • I thought you would enjoy a few pictures from our activity yesterday, after discussing the environmental impact of the juice manufacturing industry we are focusing on finishing the collage built with some of the waste we picked up from our beach clean up. Next Thursday we have an open day where we invite people to contemplate what they see and ask them to commit to making a personal change to address the issues that arise for them from this work.

  • A super team that accomplished all Chinese subtitles for ATD v.4 and Drawdown videos as well as Chinese translation for PPT and Manuel before Maisa, Erik and Mary's arrival. Sorry for my EGO. We finally did it together anyway! V(^^)V Of course, we also need to show our appreciation for all the good translation technology, such RenRenYiShiJie, Google translation, and ShiMo Translation!!!

  • What a great Drawdown workshop in Chengdu on Nov. 26th. at a beautiful downtown office venue sponsored by Dragon Expedition. Mei also took her 15 students from the eco-secret-garden program and joined the workshop. There were total over 80 participants. Witnessed from "Hopeless" to "Hope", Action, Love, .... Million thanks to Erik and Maisa!

  • Just had the amazing Mary, Maisa and Erik to fly in to give Chengdu Pachamama Volunteers team a 3 day workshop in order to enhance the deep understanding of Pachamama spirit and build stronger team cohesion. We are at a beautiful venue and healthy vegetarian food which also contributed part of the success of the workshop. (^^)v Total of 16 participants.