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  • Sue Staropoli Nancy Kasper and Theresa McGowan spreading the word about the possibility of reversing global warming. Part of a powerhouse team in Rochester that has created nearly 50 workshops and events for people to connect with that message :)

  • Stay present in the now; Place your intention on the future 🙏❤🌍😊

  • Umut Ahbap posted

    As a summary what we did in 21 months.

  • Pam and I are looking forward to our future connections. We are now doing workshops on Project Drawdown in the Western NC area

  • A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  • Greetings! My co-organizer for Salem FBT just posted this resource on FB, thought I would share. The Ford Family Foundation offers FREE books, including titles such as "Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World," and once you review a book, you can get another one. https://www.tfff.org/select-books

  • Glad to join the community. Looking forward to the journey!

  • So glad to be part of Pachamama Alliance Group. I look forward to learning and contributing to making our planet healthy!

  • Hi Pachamama PDX Group. We need some more members! Josh suggested I tell this group about a training for teachers of children that is coming up this summer. Please spread the word to schools and teachers
    and all your garden enthusiasts and teachers:

    Permaculture for Educators in Schools and Communities is a course offered July 21-27th, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. This course is perfect for all teachers who are interested in the full spectrum of interacting with nature in multiple ways with children. Please register now and apply for your tuition reimbursement through your school district. Credit is also available through PPC.

    The Permaculture for Educators in Schools and Communities course will also enrich the knowledge and enhance skills of School Garden Coordinators and Outdoor School leaders.

    Special guest teachers (Matt Bibeau, Kelly Hogan, Patty Parks-Wasserman, Emily Zoints, Dave Lewis and others) will offer:

    -Designing child and youth experiences with nature using permaculture principals.
    -Building cultural respect and living with compassion in harmony with the Earth.
    -Using the art of questioning (Essential Questions) to build enduring understandings.
    -Cooperative learning projects that integrate science, math, art, music, and language.
    -How to build a support network that can help you organize and fulfill a permaculture curriculum.
    -Course is held at Jean's Farm, a sustainable farm that features an outdoor kitchen, green house, Yurt classroom, composting toilets,
    fruit trees, chickens and more nestles along Johnson Creek in SE Portland.

    Please see the attached flier and contact the The Permaculture for Educators in Schools and Communities coordinator, Matt Bibeau with any questions you have. 503-351-2075.

  • David Spinney posted

    Tell Congress: Stand up for human rights in Brazil
    47% We've reached 4,774 of our goal of 10,000.
    Sign the petition
    The petition to Congress reads:

    "Stand up for human rights in Brazil. Call on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to hold Bolsonaro accountable by signing the 'Dear Colleague' letter from Reps. Debra Haaland and Hank Johnson."

    Andrew Spinney


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    Tell Congress: Stand up for human rights in Brazil
    Brazil's Indigenous peoples and Afro-Brazilian communities are under grave threat. So is the future of the Amazonian rainforests that serve as lungs for the entire planet.

    The new president of Brazil, far-right-wing demagogue Jair Bolsonaro, wants to work with the Trump administration to "develop" the Amazon.1 He intends to open up the region to unfettered logging, mining and development, violating the legal rights of the Indigenous communities who live there. Brazil is already the deadliest country for activists and defenders of the land and environment,2 and under Bolsonaro it is getting worse.3

    The more attention we can bring to these ongoing human rights violations, the harder it will be for Bolsonaro to continue his dirty work with impunity. One way to do that is by making sure our elected officials in Congress know what's happening and are prepared to hold the Trump administration accountable.

  • David Burman posted

    this is the land acknowledgement I used at our first Drawdown intro in Toronto. The acknowlegement would vary according to the Nations that are indigenous to the land on which you are presenting:

    Land acknowledgement and opening sacred space

    We begin by acknowledging with gratitude the land upon which we stand. Why the land? Because from an Indigenous world view the land is alive, and if we care for the land the land will take care of us.
    We acknowledge the ancestors of the Anishinaabek (first people), those who, according to recent archeology have been on this land for over 130,000 years, and more recently the Wendat, Petun and Seneca for the past 8000. This land is governed by the Dish with One Spoon wampum covenant between the Haudenosaunee / Six Nations Confederacy and the Anishinaabek and 26 allied nations from the Great Lakes region. One of the laws of this land is for each to take only what they need and leave enough for the needs of the human and non-human beings who also share the land. Presently this particular land is within the recognized territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabek of the Credit River, which means that we are guests on this land, and subject to its laws.
    Notice I did not say “owners” of the land, for the First Peoples knew, and know still, that the land/ the Earth is our Mother, and you can’t own your mother. You can think you do but she will set you straight pretty quickly.
    Indigenous peoples around the world know that the Earth is truly our mother. Mother Earth is not a metaphor. Science has shown us that our planet is a living, self-regulating organism. Every atom of our body and that of every living being is of the Earth. The Indigenous peoples say she also has consciousness and spirit.
    If we have the same mother, we are all siblings. It also means we are related to every living being: the birds, the animals, the fish and the plants – the plants are our elders as they were here long before us, and have so much to teach us, if only we listen – also the insects, the invertebrates and the bacteria are all our relatives too. Each has been given its original instructions, its distinct responsibilities for the well being of the whole, just like the cells of your own body are responsible collectively for your proper functioning. The responsibility of the human being is to care for the land, the water and all beings.
    We are in a reciprocal relationship with the Earth not just to Her. We are here because we love the land, but it’s also two-way. I can`t express our reciprocal relationship with the Earth as well as Potawatomi poet and scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer in her wonderful book, Braiding Sweetgrass: “The land loves us back … By a shower of gifts and a heavy rain of lessons. She provides for us and teaches us to provide for ourselves. That`s what good mothers do.” I could also add that she reminds us and corrects us when we get off balance.
    If we can allow our imagination to take in this image – of a sacred, living, caring Earth – and fully incorporate the story that encompasses it into our being, then we will be in good shape to take on the heroic enterprise that this session will be introducing.

    Closing: when Indigenous people from this territory finish speaking they will say ”Inda Nawemaaganak: All my relations” to remind them of their reciprocal relationship with all life. Let’s try it together …

  • GARY ABREIM posted

    Bill McKibben interviewed today on Democracy Now about his new book "Falter" The last part of the interview McKibben speaks to what gives him hope and that is the mass movements that are happening globally....from Youth movement lead by Greta Thunberg...Green New Deal led by AOC...to fossil fuel divestiture. McKibben is one of our heroes....watch here

  • Hello Everyone
    I’m glad I’m finally getting connected with like minden ppl here to share thoughts and solutions together.
    I’m currently living in New Orleans but looking forward to moving to Colorado in a very near future to make big changes!


  • ellieok created an event

    Global Earth Repair Conference

    3 May '19 00:01 - 6 May '19 00:01
    Fort Worden Conference Center