This guest News article was written by Hitomi Akubi, a Game Changer Intensive Moderator with Seven Generations, the Pachamama Alliance Community in Japan, and translated by Azumi Nozaki, a Seven Generations Board Member.

Hitomi Akubi

The Game Changer Intensive awakened me from my old story

I used to think that I wanted to become a powerful leader in order to change the world, and as a result I had been focusing on self-improvement. When I met a leader who was powerful like a lion, I felt small like an ant and I thought that in order to feel worthy I had to become a lion as well.

When I participated in the Game Changer Intensive (GCI) with Seven Generations in 2017, I realized that I was living in an old story. All of the leaders & speakers in GCI are so wonderful! When I saw that they are holding hands together to transform the world, I realized that I have my role to play instead of having to do everything by myself. I was relieved, and grateful to GCI community members from the bottom of my heart. 

I joined the GCI Japan project team in 2018 and served as a Moderator to deepen my experience with the course. At that time I had two questions in my mind: "What kind of new story do I want to create in this world?" and "What is my role for that new story?"

Before long I received a message from the earth that my role is in politics. It was not easy for me to say "Yes! I can!!" I was not interested in politics so much and I had only voted one time in 15 years. But I understood that someone in our community should become the politician to strike the roots of the old story in Japan.

"I just gotta do it!"

After I decided to run for a seat on the city council, many GCI community members gathered to support me. None of us were professionals in politics and elections and not all of them were even residents of my area, but their wonderful being was enough to move the minds of voters. As a result, I was able to win the election in a sustainable way without spending much money.

Since I became a City Council member, I have begun to understand the role I take there. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck with the stories of politics, but I have no problem because I have the GCI community. I can keep telling myself and everyone else that politics is always in our hands.

Undoubtedly, GCI planted seeds in me and nurtured them. I will  be working as politician and a team member of GCI to get more people to join us in changing the dream of the modern world.














City councilになって、そこで果たす役割も見えてきた。知らぬ間にそこにあるストーリーに染まってしまいがちだが、わたしにはGCIのコミュニティがあるから問題ない。政治が私たちの手の中にあるという本来のストーリーを住民に伝えていきたい