Channeling Heartbreak Into Action

Pachamama Alliance • 12 March 2018

When people creatively act on their moral intuition, all kinds of things happen. The world of activism is very big, diverse, and dynamic. And it requires—and helps us along in—transcending the collective trance. - Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart

Channeling Heartbreak Into Action

In response to a school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month, students are finding creative and powerful ways to act on their moral intuition. By taking their heartbreak and outrage and channeling it into action, they are shifting perspectives on how systemic change can take place and are changing the conversation about gun violence in the United States.

Their vision for a different future and ability to create change through their trauma and heartbreak can be seen in the quotes from students and video below:

We can't dwell on the sadness. Of course we're all heartbroken, but we can't let the 17 people die for nothing. We have to make something good out of their death. - Sophie Whitney, 18

The crescendo has hit its point. It's enough and it's over. I haven't got a shred of doubt that this is going to be our change. - Cameron Kasky, 17

What touches or inspires you in the words and actions of these students?