Drawing Down in New York City

Pachamama Alliance • 18 October 2018

This News article was written based on interviews with Elly Lessin and Keith Voos of the NY/NJ Metro Pacha Community.

Drawing Down in New York City

The NY/NJ Metro Pacha Community partnered with the New York Society for Ethical Culture and 350NYC to host a presentation and panel discussion on Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, the inspiration for the Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative, on September 24, 2018, as part of Climate Week NYC.

Bill McKibben, the Co-founder of 350.org, moderated the panel, which was attended by 700 people and joined by people around the world on live stream.

Pachamama Alliance Co-founder Lynne Twist was invited to frame the conversation around reversing global warming at the beginning of the event.

Following a presentation by Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown, Lynne and Katharine were joined by Dan Zarrilli, Chief Climate Advisor for New York City, Chad Frischmann from Project Drawdown, urban farmer and food justice advocate Karen Washington, and Lauren Zullo, the Director of Sustainability at Jonathan Rose Companies, for the panel.

This was an inspiring and committed group, already hard at work in their own area of expertise. They had a wide-ranging discussion on solutions already in place, the challenges and the opportunities for New York City and surrounding areas to be a leader in Drawdown’s goal of reversing global warming! You can watch the full video from the event here.

Elly Lessin acted as co-producer, and she, Keith Voos, and Lianne Sorkin helped organize the event, which they also used to kick off their Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action workshop. This five-session workshop brings people together to explore global warming solutions that interest them, and to identify opportunities to get involved with them in the local community.

This week the workshop participants are going to The Movement to Reverse Global Warming Accelerates! a presentation by Paul Hawken, creator of Project Drawdown, as he reviews what has happened in the year and a half since the Drawdown book was published.

From Elly and Keith: We want to thank our co-sponsors and the many volunteers of the Pachamama Alliance community who helped make this happen! This was a co-creation in the truest sense and we are so very grateful.