Post-Climate Strike Monthly LA Pachamama gathering & potluck

Lynn Thomas
Event date 16 Oct '19
Event location Ruth's Community Room • 2323 4th St., Santa Monica, 91504, CA, United States

Note: If you RSVP, we can notify you if we change the date of the meeting.  RSVP to

Whereas the potluck starts at 6:30, the gathering actually starts at 7:00.  Arriving after the potluck is fine.  


-present world climate actions 


You are invited to get your grassroots soul nourished:

     -eating healthy potluck

     -getting acquainted, socializing 

     -sharing sacred space

     -sharing check-ins of celebrations and challenges in our lives

     -hearing about upcoming LA events being put on by other organizations


  - we will be offering, in various parts of LA, the Drawdown Initiative, a series of workshops that supports individuals and communities in finding their unique contribution to reversing global warming. The workshops derive from Paul Hawken's Project Drawdown.  Come learn about it, and if you like, volunteer. 

             2323 4th St., Santa Monica CA 90405
             Go in the first gate and into the community room on the right (this is before the inner security gate)  
             If you have any trouble locating us, call 847-922-7474

We will be eating potluck-style, so if you are able, please bring a dish to share!



Something to think about:

"If someone from the community you are talking with had stolen a television we would say, “One of us has stolen a television.” Yet the Tojolabales would say, “one of us we have stolen a television.” This subtlety changes everything. In the first linguistic construction you would proceed to punish and lock the person up. In the second, you would gather the community together to ask ourselves what is out of balance in the community that has caused us to steal a television. This is interbeing. This is all about how we relate, not just to our partners and colleagues, but how we relate to and can recognize the we in… you name it: the politicians who we think are not doing enough or doing exactly the opposite of what is needed."

-Erik Friend from Pachamama Iberoamerica conference's on Interbeing in São Paulo, Brazil Sept,7-8, 2019, writing about the experience of his friend, Carlos Lenkersdorf.