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  • Why Bill gates is for a carbon fee in Washington state? You can read all about it in this article.

    I like his orientation that it's important to remember what's at stake and I am absolute a yes for implementing a carbon fee, however I don't agree with all of his reasons why to vote yes. Personally I don't consider nuclear to be clean energy.

    What comes up for you when you read this article?

  • Thank you one and all for the very great and urgent work you are doing to save our planet. You are an inspiration to so many, including me.

  • Hi all, I am Eloïse from France, any french speakers around ?
    I first joined Pachamama Alliance in Panama and was trained at the Game Changer Intensive. Happy to connect with the community in Europe <3

  • just finished the last session AND signed up for a month donation. thank you!

  • There is an ATD and Drawdown combo symposium today held at Fish's studio in LiJingGang Compound of Wenjiang District of Chengdu. ATD was facilitated by Fish and Summer. And Drawdown is my 3rd time to share. Number of attendees: 8 in the morning, and 7 in the afternoon.

  • Micah Opondo created an event

    Tree Planting

    15 Oct '18 15:00 - 17:00
    Bonge Primarily School and Kagumbo Primary School
  • I want to join Pachamama Alliance of Southwest Florida to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling global future. Specifically, I want to reverse climate change. I have a limited work schedule. What can I do to help?

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm Annette from Monterey, California. I have a deep calling to be a voice for the earth (through writing, speaking and leading movements for a better world). I definitely want to get involved with the Rights of Nature and look forward to being part of this group.

  • Ready to be a force for Mother Nature!

  • Welcome to new Community member Kaylee Turke ! Kaylee and a group of FGCU Students will be producing the next Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in Estero Florida in a most magical setting in Nature. We look forward to new partnerships forming on the local University campus and the greater SWFL communities! It was awesome to meet with these students yesterday... our hope for a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.

  • Hello friends, I just facilitated my first Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, with the great help of Betsy McCabe who's more of an expert at this. We had it on the last day of a spiritual and writing retreat I'd put together. I was so touched by peoples' responses to Pachamama's work. Only one attendee had heard of Pachamama before and the others were excited to go home and learn more. It was a great experience!

  • Hello my friends I want to share this resource with you, it is very useful and can become your single stop off place for relevant climate news. Unlike other sources the content here is based on fully trusted sources, enjoy. https://essentials.news/en/future-of-climate

  • Early childhood educational consultant, volunteer park ranger at the Everglades National Park, Facilitator of Journey to Hope curriculum for children and adults who have experienced trauma.

  • Thank you to Robert Mertens and his wife Helena. They were great hosts for our communication skills retreat at the Seven Circles Retreat Center. By maintaining a place that is clean, functional and beautiful, they make it more possible for groups such as ours to have events such as the communication retreat. They also offer their own unique and special talents wherever they go. I am very grateful that they are members of the Fresno Pachamama Alliance Community and that they have done so much to make this planet a better one.

  • This is Christopher "Kit" Tennis and Anita Sanchez. They were great facilitators for the Our Community Listens Communication Skills Training at the Seven Circles Retreat Center in Badger, CA. They helped us learn to go deeper into ourselves, to improve our communication skills. The effects of their training for us is a better world for all. Our learning has just begun. Thank you to these two wonderful people.

  • Here is another group photo from the Fresno Pachamama Alliance Community Communication Skills Retreat. This photo has John in it, as well as facilitator Kit Tennis. The Tahoe Region people are fantastic! It was a great pleasure to be with all these wonderful people for this challenging three day retreat. It is good to know that our works for developing communication skills will continue.

    My thanks to Anita Sanchez, Kit Tennis, Robert Mertens and his wife Helena, to John Minkler and his wife Mary Lou; and to all others who made this possible. Many thanks also to the hawk which flew around communicating its desire for us to be free by doing so itself.

  • I retired from higher education leadership 18 months ago. I believe that global warming is the most significant crisis that people in the world have ever experienced. I want to try to help people become aware of the issues, and the solutions, thereby facilitating a shift in public opinion and culture that will be necessary to support collective action to address climate change. I hope my experience as an educator will prove useful as I work with Pachamama and other organizations to spread information and assist people in understanding what we can do to limit warming and perhaps even someday, reverse it.

  • Hello. This is Barbara Beno from California. I'm hoping the become an active advocate for public action to address climate change.

  • Hi
    This is Samar Naqvi from Pakistan...


    En Julio del 2006 Will Bowen propuso a su comunidad “El reto de los 21 días” con el propósito de ayudar a eliminar cualquier rastro de queja o lamento y sus nocivas consecuencias para el individuo.

    Su propuesta fue muy simple: “Te colocas una pulsera morada con la leyenda UN MUNDO SIN QUEJAS y lo mantienes durante 21 días sin emitir ningún tipo de queja o crítica”; así sea “me duele la cabeza” o “nada me está saliendo bien”.
    Si durante este periodo emites algún lamento, debes cambiar la pulsera de muñeca y volver a empezar. La mayoría de los participantes logró superar este reto, pero les tomó un mínimo de 5 meses, un tiempo que evidencia la presencia de la cultura de la queja en nuestras vidas.

    Un reto que cambiará tu vida y la de tus semejantes

    Ahora te estamos proponiendo asumir este reto de 21 días sin quejas, sin críticas y sin chismes… si lo logras, habrás hecho de tu vida un paraíso sin enfermedades. Tendrás mejor ánimo, menos dolores, relaciones más favorables, mayor autoestima, etc. Serás una persona más feliz y armoniosa.

    Crees que puedes aceptar el reto?

    Seis millones de personas ya lo han logrado desde 2006 cuando Will Bowen lanzó esta campaña en EEUU. Cada día se suman más personas para lograr un mundo mejor. México ya tiene una organización para apoyar ”Un mundo sin quejas”

    Muchas personas decían que no se quejaban demasiado, pero con el ejercicio se dieron cuenta que lo hacían unas 20 veces en promedio al día.

    Quejarnos se ha convertido en una pandemia

    Has notado que siempre hay algo de que quejarse? El clima, el tránsito, la inseguridad en las calles, las mentiras de los políticos, la salud, el dinero que no alcanza, etc., etc. Lo único que ganamos con la QUEJA es sentirnos peor.

    “Cuando criticamos, nos quejamos o juzgamos, estamos emitiendo una energía discordante. Esta energía, por la Ley de Atracción, será devuelta a nosotros pero multiplicada. Esto alimenta aquello de lo que nos quejamos y lo hacemos más grande”

    Con la queja te conectas con campos de baja energía que te debilitan, te hacen vulnerable a enfermedades, conflictos sociales y carencias. Por el contrario si hablas de GRATITUD te conectas a campos de ALTA energía, en los niveles donde se desarrolla el poder personal.

    Nuestra propuesta es simple

    Así que mantén una observación especial de tus pensamientos y palabras y cada vez que te descubras quejándote, expresa un agradecimiento a la vida, al trabajo, a la salud o a cualquier cosa que puedas agradecer de corazón, siempre tendrás algo para agradecer. Cada vez que emitas una queja tendrás que volver a empezar la cuenta de los días desde uno.

    Pensar una queja o crítica y no la digo, También cuenta?
    Por suerte NO. Sólo las palabras que salen de tu boca son las que cuentan en este caso.

    Quienes lo han logrado reconocen que no es para nada fácil, pero despues de las tres semanas, o mas, que tardes en lograr la meta, dejas inclusive de criticar con la mente.

    Adelante, acepta el reto, demuéstrate que SI puedes, y vive la GRATITUD como una experiencia que se “siente, y asciende a un mayor nivel de conciencia y despertar, donde el panorama de la vida será más amplio y amable contigo.

    Por qué 21 días?

    Los científicos dicen que se tarda 21 días en crear un hábito. Nos llevará 21 días dejar el hábito de la queja y formar el nuevo habito de la GRATITUD..

  • Hi everybody, This is Ali from Italy, Torino... Happy to join this group :)