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Find People Near You

Pachamama Alliance • 2 September 2017

How do I find people in my area?

The Pachamama Alliance Global Commons offers the opportunity to find people in your area committed to a worldview that honors and sustains life in order to come together on a local level.

You can find online community members near you using the two approaches below so that you can reach out to connect.

Add the city, state or province, and country where you live to your Profile so that others can find you as well!

Use Member and Local Group Maps

You can use maps that display Members and Local Pachamama Alliance Communities by location to look for people in your area.

Search by Location

1. Visit the Search Users or Search Groups page

2. Find the Distance and Location fields

Form Fields

3. Begin entering your city, and click it in the dropdown list that appears

Location Dropdown

4. Enter a distance (in kilometers) to set the range for your search


5. Click the Filter button to find members or Groups within that range

Completed Form


You can also reach out to the Pachamama Alliance Engagement Team at to see if they know anyone in your area in addition to those in the online community.