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  • In 2 weeks I am to teach 3 different 3/4 hr classes of approx 20 17-22 yr olds, in a CA State College (School of Ethics). ISO 2-3 short video recommendations and 2-3 simple discussion topics.
    My "problem" is simplification. Be sure to read yesterday or today's Washington Post article on Mr. Gore and the CR Training (Apr 2, 2019).

  • Hi Galen! DC metro area has been my childhood home up until 25 years ago, when I moved to CA. Would love to chat with you about Climate Reality and Pachamama work. I'm starting to connect with CR members in L.A. and Orange County areas. Let's chat.

  • Hi. My CR training was Denver 2017. I live in Maryland, just outside Washington DC. I teach yoga and have a yoga and climate change project: