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  • Hi everyone, this is meher here, used to live in Mumbai and now I have settled down in Goa.. I am a Veterinarian, now involved in Climate activism / environmental activism. Would love to be a part of this community to know more ways in which i can help.

  • Heyy Hii everyone. This is Abhilasha from Visakhapatnam. I'm pursuing my graduation. I got to know about this organization from a book. I cant wait to be a part of this community

  • Hi all

    I am Jaya Thawani, Indian residing in Dubai but also have a few hotels in Ajmer so go back and forth (pre covid) . I have just completed the Game Changer Initiative. Happy to meet you all and hope we can support each other on spreading awareness and positivity that leads to change.

    A group of enthusiasts from all parts of the world and volunteers in the environment sustainability space are about to launch an environment sustainability campaign in the UAE on Nov 1st (test country focused on fossil fuels so long way to go). Appreciate your support with kind words of motivation to experience in designing posts for social media or helping create a bigger platform that is a stop shop for information and more on how to love sustainably. Please message or whatsApp me on +917339747357. I am sure there are others in this group who have led campaigns before so would love to hear and learn from you.

    Look forward to connecting with you all and supporting you in any way I can.


  • Hi I am deepak kumar from delhi, recently I have joined pachamama alliance and now i am joining in pachamama alliance India community.I hope this group very useful in every expects for social development and sharing your views, ideas on this goup

    Thanking you

  • Hi! I am based out of Mumbai. Just completed the Awakening the Dreamer online course, and have enrolled for the Game Changer Intensive course beginning on Aug 18. Am a chemical engineer, with an additional qualification in environmental law; and have worked in industry for over 3 decades. Look forward to interacting with everyone.

  • Hey everyone!! I am in Mumbai for the most part until August 5th and was looking forward to getting involved in any activities with Pachamama Alliance or some kind of social work going on. I have been a member of PA for more than 2 years now and am currently a college student studying Earth System science. I am really looking forward to getting in touch. My whatsapp number is +12566949628.
    I am currently creating videos on environmental issues in Mumbai and trying to meet people in town who are trying to solve them with their efforts.

  • Hi everyone! Please do keep recommending more folks to be added to this community as and when we know of people from India who are trained on programs offered by the Pachamama Alliance. The image for this group is NASA's image of India. It was the only image that really indicated that we are a a part of the whole, our Earth :)

  • Hello friends, just to let you know my wife Roxana and I land in Mumbai on 17th January and we are looking forward to our new life and experience in India. Do you use WhatsApp in India? If yes can I suggest setting up a WhatsApp group for us all to communicate with each other? My number is +51 966235064 (I will keep this number for WhatsApp though I will be getting an India SIM).