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  • Check out this inspiring post from the 'Resilience and Possibility in These Times' with recording of a workshop on Taking Action in Response to COVID-19: A Living Systems Approach as part of Resilience and Possibility in These Times.

    She also speaks about Nature-Inspired Leadership with the Pachamama Alliance community, based on themes from her book Leading from the Roots: Nature-Inspired Leadership Lessons for Today's World.


  • Dear friends,

    Like everyone in Australia and worldwide, the news of the devastating bushfires around Australia (Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria) the last few months and, especially for those of us in Victoria, the past few weeks. We have heard of some of our Be The Change family who faced the fires in Mallacoota; others facing fires close within metropolitan Melbourne.

    The news of people, the land, the wild life all affected by such widespread fires in our most vulnerable and precious natural habitats together with the public response of politicians and others has left us all wondering what more we can do.

    These are questions we are asking ourselves... How will we be the change? What will we bring to life?

    As change makers within our own communities, as people around this country in an unprecedented crisis, we are wondering this…

    How have you been being the change already?

    As despairing as it is; as overwhelming as it is, we are the people who won’t keep low for long.
    We acknowledge what’s going on - Grief that can’t be expressed, Experiencing unprecedented fires, Lives lost, Digging deep

    How can we help? How can we help you? What do you see that we can do together? What are your practices that keep you going?
    For example…
    Coping with grief by walking in nature
    Taking grief walks with friends
    Drawing on work that reconnects activities
    Writing reflective pieces on the day’s activities
    What are you doing to help those affected by the fires?

    Let’s inspire ourselves with how we can be the change we wish to see.. for the work is ahead of us now.

    We’ve heard some members are:

    Running grief circles and deep ecology workshops to support those experiencing overwhelming personal or collective responses to the situation
    Joining Extinction Rebellion and taking local action to try and get the climate emergency onto the political agenda
    Taking part in fundraisers
    Collecting and delivering food, bedding and clothing
    Making pouches or food pellets for wildlife
    Spreading the word on the petitions circulating
    Connecting with people in fire devastated areas to connect them with city people, with support and donations
    Planning Project Drawdown sessions for their communities to help people be confident in where to take action

    We have heard for those in Victoria, the upcoming Be the Change events are:

    Introduction to Project DrawDown 23 January at Croydon, Vic
    Forest Immersion Walk – 22 Feb in Dandenong
    (See PEMA (Pachamama Eastern Melbourne Alliance) group for details)

    There is likely to be many more small and not so small events you know of that members and the community are welcome to participate in.

    Let us what what you are up to and we can support each other.

    We would love to interview anyone who wants to share their story too. Let us know.

    With love and appreciation for all of life.

    Be The Change Australia leadership team

  • For anyone in the north east of Melbourne, an Introduction to Project DrawDown will be held on November 30.

    More details at

  • Hi everybody. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you and finding a way to become involved.

  • Hi All, just found this group and keen to find out more. I've recently moved to Toowoomba, Qld, and interested to hear what's happening nationally and in Qld.

  • The Eastern Melbourne Hub recently had our final session of our first Drawdown: Getting into Action Program. 10 people gathering round a dinner table and shared our learnings and what actions were arising for us to take on. We also shared our combined wisdom on the inner work needed to face the challenges ahead. It was a beautiful, heartfelt evening and I felt privileged to be with such an inspiring group of people who understand the connection between inner work and outer action. .

  • Hi all, browsing through the pachamama website I stumbled across Be the Change. Excited to hear more and share the energy.