How to Find Freedom by Awakening Your True Self

Bestselling inner-life author Guy Finley will speak on The First and Last Freedom: The Awakening of Your True Self via a Zoom call sponsored by Portland’s New Renaissance Bookshop on Thursday, February 2, at 7pm.The cost to attend the event is $10, and registration is open now at .

This talk couldn’t be more timely as – perhaps now, more than ever before – so many of
us are feeling the loss of personal freedom. And while it seems easy to name and
blame something for our condition, Finley says that whatever we point to as causing this
sense of captivity doesn't uncover the true reason for it, and therefore cannot lead to a
solution. According to Finley, the true cause starts with an inner misunderstanding.

During his talk and the open Q&A session that follows, Finley, a renowned expert on
self-realization, will discuss the true nature of freedom and what the misunderstanding is
that blocks us from finding it. Finley tells us that freedom cannot be achieved by gaining
any power or possession, but only by beginning to live from one’s true self.

Finley is a popular speaker at New Renaissance, known for his use of illustrative
examples and stories that make the material come alive. During his talk, Finley will focus
on how aspirants can know whether they are walking the true upper path, the one truth
that must be understood if we are to know our Divine individuality, and how to gain
greater understanding of others and what they can teach us about ourselves. Finley says
that listeners will come away from his talk with new pathways to freedom and a plan to
make the journey to a more fulfilling life.

Author Guy Finley is based in southern Oregon. His book, The Secret of Letting Go, is an
international bestseller that has been translated into 26 languages. Finley is a widely
recognized spiritual teacher whose 45 books and audio programs have sold over 2 million
copies worldwide. He is the Founder and Director of Life of Learning Foundation, a
nonprofit center for spiritual discovery located in Merlin, Oregon, where he holds regular
classes, including two free talks each week that are livestreamed. To register for all the
free classes visit For more information about Guy Finley and
Life of Learning Foundation visit