The global Pachamama Alliance community came together on March 19, 2021, to honor the equinox in conversation with Peruvian ceremonialist and healer Arkan Lushwala, a cherished partner and mentor.

Among other themes, Arkan spoke about the equinox as a gift that brings balance to our lives and the importance of interrupting our daily routines to be able to receive gifts from the universe. "What good is a gift if we don’t open it? We have to pay attention. We have to see what’s inside," he shared.

The event was part of Resilience and Possibility in These Times, a series of online offerings to support us all in staying connected to one another, to a vision for the future, and to the spirit of life in these challenging times.

About the Speaker

Arkan Lushwala is an Andean ceremonialist and healer, and a longtime friend of Pachamama Alliance. Born and raised in Peru, Arkan founded the Arawaka community in New Mexico where he focuses on teaching practices that can restore balance to the planet. He has authored two books, The Time of the Black Jaguar: An Offering of Indigenous Wisdom for the Continuity of Life on Earth and Deer & Thunder: Indigenous Ways of Restoring the World.