Regenerative Agriculture Practices and Collaborations

Regenerative Agriculture Practices and Collaborations

This is a public event sponsored by the SWFL RESET Center

You are cordially invited to attend an Invitational presentation on aspects of regenerative agriculture as they apply to small farms, community gardens and other “small growers” in Southwest Florida.  Topics covered will include soil nutrition, cooperative actions to promote the interests of small growers and education regarding how regenerative agriculture can lead to  healthier diets.

We're happy to announce that we have two outstanding speakers to guide us in our discussion;

Emmanuel Roux,, who has owned several St. Petersburg restaurants, is  founder and manager of the 15th St. Agrihub, an urban Food Park project in St Petersburg Florida. At this early stage they are engaged in enriching the soil and creating good nutrients for the food plants that will be grown.  “It is all organic, it is all working with nature," says Roux.  He has a vision for the space that has been three years in the making.  Emmanuel has expertise in building soil nutrition through addition of microorganisms. He is part of a University of South Florida interdisciplinary group focused on building stronger local food systems, including farm incubator food hubs and direct farm product sales. 

Renee Giroux, who with her husband is cofounder of Earth's Palate Farm in Warren CT. They have developed a 40 acre farm that includes raising of many animals as well as produce and fruits.  The farm’s year-round operations include a large greenhouse operation.  Renée joined the lecture circuit throughout NYC and CT on organic greenhouse growing and herb production . She is a specialist in horticultural practices.  She’s the manager for the North Western Connecticut Food Hub (NWCTFOODHUB), a service that supports farmers by connecting them with larger and more consistent wholesale and niche markets for their farm products. Currently, the Hub aggregates locally grown food from 20 farms.


Following the presentations there will be ample time for Q&A from attendees.

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Check out this article about the formation of an Eco-Village in St Petersburg, FL

This is a public event sponsored by the SWFL RESET Center.

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