I will be helping Betty Osceola organize online Global Prayer for a walk to Defend The Sacred In the Everglades on Jan 2 and Jan 3.  

#DefendTheSacred  It is not a protest, it is a prayer.

Federally protected lands in Florida can now be undermined by the state’s jurisdiction, giving the state the final say so. Burnett Oil is ready to erect oil platforms right in Big Cypress. We must not let the state decide what happens to places like the Big Cypress National Preserve. A number of my friends are walking for two days on January 2nd and 3rd on the Tamiami Trail with Betty Osceola and friends. I cannot join them in person this time, so I am helping by spreading the word. Will you help too?

IF YOU CAN NOT ATTEND: please think about making a simple sign that says how many miles you live from the Everglades with the “#DefendTheSacred” so that we can spread awareness. This is a prayer walk, not a protest. Warriors are needed...but you can be a warrior just by making a post similar to this one.


You can do this anywhere. Please help spread this message.  Contact Holley Rauen if you have. a prayer, meditation or song to share. while the. Walkers are. in action and during the night. 

The link to the Prayer Walk in the Big Cypress National Preserve on January 2nd and 3rd is

Post your photos, live feed messages and prayers right in the Discussion of the event.  People are beginning to post solidarity

For those who want to share the event for those who do not have Facebook, go to the event section on: www.ecopreservationproject.com

Article: https://indiancountrytoday.com/news/florida-tribes-deeply-appalled-by-wetlands-deal-np01VSm7e0y9dwQA3prcKQ?fbclid=IwAR3mGSafSYvpIUmkEhoxLg65H5aLZ-WZWimOFBpnVgmsp7ic8q7wSIcYFhc


We.  would love to see Pachamama People from all over the Globe post signs to FB.  and other Social Media ASAP and ongoing.  We. are even getting followers in TicTok!


Please share with your communities!