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  • Hi, I'm Sarah, also just finishing the Game Changer Intensive (in same group as Bob). I'm based in London and looking forward to connecting to you all and helping out once things get kick-started

  • Hi. I'm just finishing the Game Changer Intensive and wanted to reach out to any in the UK who are organising events or need support for work you are undertaking. I live in Edinburgh. This UK group appears not to be very active, but I am keen to help in whatever way I can.

  • Hello!
    Really happy to join the UK team and excited to meet some of you soon and discuss systemic change, positive impact and entrepreneurship!!

  • Hi from Scotland :) I too have signed up for the Game Changer Intensive starting today - see you there Neil. I look forward to being part of this UK group

  • Hi everyone, I hadn't really made use of this "Pachamama UK" group page before but I'm signed up to start the Game Changer Intensive next week so have been looking at the Pachamama site to prepare myself :)

  • Hi all
    I did the GameChanger Intensive several times when it first came out, have been a Symposium facilitator for years, and most recently been very involved in Extinction Rebellion, particularly their Regenerative Cultures side, where I have been one of a team developing a "Roots of a Regenerative Culture" workshop. We have been running this online for the past month, but are only planning to run 2 more before taking a break and training others to facilitate that workshop so we can focus on the next iteration.
    I would love to invite folk from the Pachamama Alliance community to come and join one of these last 2 workshops in order to 1) explain what I think XR has to offer the pachamama community, but also 2) to lay the foundations for a future exploration of what Pachamama Community can bring to the next iterations.
    "Roots of a Regenerative Culture" will run on Monday and Thursday this coming week, 11:00-13:00 at this Zoom Meeting ID: 971 959 211: or this URL:
    The Password is: 919488

    I hope to see some of you there

  • Hi there. Just recently moved back to the UK ... or rather ended up here en route back to South Africa as the drama unfolded. Love to be part of this group as I reconnect with Pachamama x

  • Welcome to Juliette and Helen! As Richard mentioned, this group has not been very active in recent times, however we were hoping to get some online Symposiums happening, and there was also talk of creating a monthly meeting in London.

    With everything that is happening right now, online Symposiums would be really precious! And the meetings will need to be put on pause, or created via some video platform like Zoom. I'd be happy to be part of creating something in these veins - I've got a lot more time on my hands now!

    I am currently 'stranded' in Australia. I work here for part of the year, and wasn't able to get out before flights were grounded. Timezone-wise I will be 9 hours ahead of you (as of next Sunday). That means that collaborative calls will need to be your mornings anytime before midday, which is my evenings before 9pm.

    Let's create something that inspires and supports!

  • Hi. I am Helen, based in London. Also happy as with Juliette to be connected with Pachamama UK members.

  • Hi, I'm Juliette, based in Rochester, Kent. Happy to be connected with Pachamama UK members. Hoping to join you with whatever events you hold this year especially with the world focusing on Glasgow this November!