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  • Welcome to Juliette and Helen! As Richard mentioned, this group has not been very active in recent times, however we were hoping to get some online Symposiums happening, and there was also talk of creating a monthly meeting in London.

    With everything that is happening right now, online Symposiums would be really precious! And the meetings will need to be put on pause, or created via some video platform like Zoom. I'd be happy to be part of creating something in these veins - I've got a lot more time on my hands now!

    I am currently 'stranded' in Australia. I work here for part of the year, and wasn't able to get out before flights were grounded. Timezone-wise I will be 9 hours ahead of you (as of next Sunday). That means that collaborative calls will need to be your mornings anytime before midday, which is my evenings before 9pm.

    Let's create something that inspires and supports!

  • Hi. I am Helen, based in London. Also happy as with Juliette to be connected with Pachamama UK members.

  • jac_59 posted in Pachamama UK

    Hi, I'm Juliette, based in Rochester, Kent. Happy to be connected with Pachamama UK members. Hoping to join you with whatever events you hold this year especially with the world focusing on Glasgow this November!

  • Hi, I’m Emma! I’m currently living in Cincinnati, USA, where I’m doing a Drawdown workshop. I’m moving back to the UK in May and wondering what is going on back at home in terms of Drawdown! Thanks for having me in the group.

  • Hi, I've recently completed the Game Changer Intensive and found it so inspiring and useful. I live in Ireland and have decided to join here and learn while I begin to set up a group across the pond ;)

  • A warm welcome to Sinead Murphy, who just joined our group. Welcome to Pachamama UK, Sinead! If you'd like to introduce yourself and let us know what drew you here we'd love to get to know you.
    We are coming to end of a year-long hiatus at present, but hope to start getting into action later this month. Warm regards, Jacqueline

  • Hello, just joined the community, I found the Reversing Climate Change online course extremely useful and informative. Most importantly the video in section V points out that we haven't looked at our mind - the cause of it - and talks about switching from feeling a victim of climate change to seeing it as an opportunity and feedback; and it asks to listen to everyone rather than demonise as we are all doing our best.
    I highly recommend it, it is an hour course so it should not take much of your day if you need an introduction to Drawdown. Looking forward to future events.

  • I have recently completed pachamana course and I am interested in joining this group I think there is alot of activities happened in this group at present ,

  • Hi Alison

    I have recently completed the game changer intensive course . I am interested in joining this group and helping out where I can

    Kind Regards


  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

    4 Aug '18 13:00 - 17:00
    Community Hub, 3rd Floor, John Lewis Partnership