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  • Hi All,
    Our next group meeting is scheduled tomorrow at 10am PT/ 12pm CDT/1 pm ET.

    This call we will be focused on finalizing the K-2 lesson plan by reviewing the superhero portion, and start creating an informational sheet for teachers. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

    Here is the link for the zoom call: https://pachamama.zoom.us/j/889731727

  • are you there? I am not sure how to join the zoom event.

  • Calling all Superhero Enthusiasts! We need your help brainstorming creative names or activities for our Drawdown Superhero lesson aimed at grades K-2. This lesson is based on the fabulous presentation [~142] and [~154] created (whose input we welcome!).

    I made a link for the Superhero Curriculum table where we are fleshing out the various "Environmental Superhero" options kids can pledge to be. Each Superhero deals with a one (or two) Drawdown solutions.


    The deadline for suggestions is this coming Thursday, August 15th. On Friday, August 16th we will start finalizing our K-2 lesson plan.

    We invite anyone who is interested to help us brainstorm Superhero names and the actions they could take. [~5188] , [~5167], [~751] and [~1556] , you four have had good ideas in the past. We welcome any input you might have!

  • Hi All,
    A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the lesson plan outlines! Today's group call with myself, Robin and Jeanne was very productive.
    We sifted through the suggestions for the K-2 lesson plan outline, and now have a solid vision for what the lesson is going to look like.

    In a brief summary it begins with a short video that explains the concept of climate change with the metaphor that the Earth has a fever, followed by an activity/game introducing a few drawdown sectors using an existing superhero framework, then ending with kids brainstorming what they can do and decorating a pledge card they can write on and take home with them.

    Next steps: adapting some of the content from the "superhero framework" to better fit our needs. If there is anyone who loves creating/adapting curriculumn for K-2 please comment below or email robingalbraith@hotmail.com

    Our next group call will be sometime later next week. Date/time TBA.

  • I found this fun food waste video while I was looking at resources for our K-2 and 3-5 lessons. This is a spoof of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" but all about food waste. It might make a good supplemental video for middle school, high school or beyond.

    If Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" was about Food Waste

  • Here is the zoom link for tomorrow's call: https://pachamama.zoom.us/j/293745101

    Looking forward to seeing everyone and moving forward.

  • Hi All,

    The last few group calls were on a Tuesday, and while that worked well for those who attended the call, there were a few others who were unable to join due to the time, so I am suggesting a few other options.

    1. Thursday: 9am PDT/ 11am CDT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST
    2. Friday: 9am PDT/ 11am CDT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST
    3. Saturday: 11am PDT/ 1pm CDT/ 2pm ET/ 8pm CEST

    Please comment which day works best with your schedule.

    This call will be focused on discussing the lesson plan outlines for grades K-2 and 3-5. We ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the outline and the content that is currently on there prior to the call.

    Here is the link again for the outline:

  • Hi All,

    Our Drawdown Kids group took a brief hiatus for the vacations of several members. We’re all back and ready to focus on finishing our lesson plan outline.

    A big thank you goes out to [~3619] , [~751] and [~5167] for shifting through materials! Thanks also to [~5188] for writing down his terrific activities for teaching scientific climate change concepts to kids! Plus, thank you (again) to [~5167] for creating and posting our lesson plan outline!

    Here’s the most recent plan, based on feedback from the group during our last group call on Tuesday, July 9th:

    -Action Needed For This Week:
    Complete K-2 and 3-5 lesson plan outlines by adding specific videos, lessons, and games to the lesson plan outlines

    -Volunteers Needed:
    To look over the Drawdown Kids’ Materials Sorting spreadsheet, find the best materials for K-2 or 3-5 students, and plug those material names & links to the lesson plan outline

    Link for Materials Sorting Spreadsheet:

    Link for Lesson Plan Outlines:

    -Goal Date For Completing Lesson Plan Outline:
    Monday, August 5

    -Next Group Phone Call:
    The week of Monday, August 5
    (specific day and time to be determined in upcoming post)

    -Topic of Next Phone Call:
    To discuss the completed lesson plan outlines for K-2 and 3-5.

    Please comment below if you are volunteering to add materials to the K-2 or 3-5 outlines this week with [~4132] and [~3923].

    Thank you!

  • are we meeting today at noon Eastern? If not, when?

  • Hi There ~ I wanted to share this resource I came across. Hope it helps you and your journey. https://greenninja.org/