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  • Hi there - I am just learning about this group, but I am very grateful to find it. I have an Enrichment Program I've laid out based on Drawdown (it grew out of assignments I completed while getting my Master's of Science in Education last year). This would be an Enrichment Class for middle or high school students. I am interested in getting this information out there to whomever might be able to use. The curriculum still needs work and development.

    Specifically, there are only four completed lesson plans, though the course is envisioned as Year-Long Course with 18 Lesson Plans - meeting once per week. The enrichment course is designed for high ability, motivated students who can work autonomously. The rational and underlying theory for the course are all developed. There is also a need to get speakers for the course. Teachers also need to identify three "case studies" in your region that highlight three of Drawdown solutions - it is envisioned that field trips would be taken to these sights or programs.

    Are there educators who are interested in this work? Please contact me if so: lisalkrausz@comcast.net. I live in Howard County, Maryland, and I would also be interested in working with people to try to get this info into the public/private schools. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

  • I am working on a project with Lynne Cherry, founder of Young Voices for the Planet. Check out their films.

    She works with Drawdown Learn at Omega Institute, and is bringing Drawdown into the schools in New York.

    When we get to the 3-5 and 6-8 curricula, I'll invite her into the group. Maybe do a Zoom meeting?

  • This is a grown-up conference that might be of interest to children's educators.

    The 1st International Drawdown Conference Sept 16-18 2019 is now sold out, but the event will be livestreamed: https://drawdown.psu.edu/live-streaming. Hold your calendars for specific sessions that you’d like to attend, and thank you for spreading the word about the virtual participation opportunity!

  • Hi All,
    Our next group meeting is scheduled tomorrow at 10am PT/ 12pm CDT/1 pm ET.

    This call we will be focused on finalizing the K-2 lesson plan by reviewing the superhero portion, and start creating an informational sheet for teachers. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

    Here is the link for the zoom call: https://pachamama.zoom.us/j/889731727

  • are you there? I am not sure how to join the zoom event.

  • Calling all Superhero Enthusiasts! We need your help brainstorming creative names or activities for our Drawdown Superhero lesson aimed at grades K-2. This lesson is based on the fabulous presentation June Hament and Marty Levin created (whose input we welcome!).

    I made a link for the Superhero Curriculum table where we are fleshing out the various "Environmental Superhero" options kids can pledge to be. Each Superhero deals with a one (or two) Drawdown solutions.


    The deadline for suggestions is this coming Thursday, August 15th. On Friday, August 16th we will start finalizing our K-2 lesson plan.

    We invite anyone who is interested to help us brainstorm Superhero names and the actions they could take. Brandon L , Daniel Poynter , Sue Blythe and Judith Hemphill , you four have had good ideas in the past. We welcome any input you might have!

  • Hi All,
    A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the lesson plan outlines! Today's group call with myself, Robin and Jeanne was very productive.
    We sifted through the suggestions for the K-2 lesson plan outline, and now have a solid vision for what the lesson is going to look like.

    In a brief summary it begins with a short video that explains the concept of climate change with the metaphor that the Earth has a fever, followed by an activity/game introducing a few drawdown sectors using an existing superhero framework, then ending with kids brainstorming what they can do and decorating a pledge card they can write on and take home with them.

    Next steps: adapting some of the content from the "superhero framework" to better fit our needs. If there is anyone who loves creating/adapting curriculumn for K-2 please comment below or email robingalbraith@hotmail.com

    Our next group call will be sometime later next week. Date/time TBA.

  • I found this fun food waste video while I was looking at resources for our K-2 and 3-5 lessons. This is a spoof of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" but all about food waste. It might make a good supplemental video for middle school, high school or beyond.

    If Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" was about Food Waste

  • Here is the zoom link for tomorrow's call: https://pachamama.zoom.us/j/293745101

    Looking forward to seeing everyone and moving forward.

  • Hi All,

    The last few group calls were on a Tuesday, and while that worked well for those who attended the call, there were a few others who were unable to join due to the time, so I am suggesting a few other options.

    1. Thursday: 9am PDT/ 11am CDT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST
    2. Friday: 9am PDT/ 11am CDT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST
    3. Saturday: 11am PDT/ 1pm CDT/ 2pm ET/ 8pm CEST

    Please comment which day works best with your schedule.

    This call will be focused on discussing the lesson plan outlines for grades K-2 and 3-5. We ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the outline and the content that is currently on there prior to the call.

    Here is the link again for the outline: