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Drawdown Learn for Children

  • Update on next call:

    Next Tuesday July 2nd seems to be the best day for a larger zoom call. Timing is a bit tricky as there are so many time zones ranging from California to Europe so I am suggesting a couple time options.
    1. 9am PDT/ 11am CDT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST
    2. 11 am PDT/ 1pm CDT/ 2pm ET/ 8pm CEST

    Please comment which time you prefer, and if you are available to join.

    This call is an opportunity for us to clarify our vision, learn each others strengths and interests, define the materials that need to be sifted through/adapted, and answer any questions.

  • Hi All,

    I just got off a Zoom call with the wonderful Robin, Marty and June. Our call was focused on our vision and next steps for bringing Drawdown to children. Our initial vision is to create a 45- 50 minute lesson/workshop for elementary school children (K-5) by compiling and adapting existing videos and activities. After this is off the ground, we can shift our efforts to doing the same for middle school students. Our intention with a 45-50 minute lesson is that it can fit easily into a school class schedule, but also be used for afterschool programs, boy/girl scouts, youth groups, etc.

    For next steps, is there anyone passionate or interested in sifting through video content and images to compile a short presentation for the beginning of the lesson? Or adapting activities? Marty and June will be adding video content they have used with kids in the past on the google doc I posted earlier so you will have something to work with.

    Also, if you have any videos or activities that you think might be suited for kids it would be wonderful if you could add them to the google doc or email me at janelle.barraza@pachamama.org

    We want another call in the near future within anyone from this group who would like to join. Updates on that will be posted soon.

  • Hi All,

    I am excited to be working with you all on such a valuable project. Since this group is growing and gaining traction, I aggregated all the materials that people have posted since the group was created and organized them on a google doc. Feel free to edit or add content as needed.


  • I just posted this on the Adult Drawdown Learn page. I'm so excited to learn that there's a Drawdown Learn for Children!
    Marty and June know some of what we're up to in Gainesville, FL. A year later, it's still ripe with possibility -- and in need of collaborators!


    I've been mulling over this comment and would like to make a proposal to this group and Drawdown Learn for Children:

    Listen once more to Sue Starapoli's report on the voices youth at the Drawdown Learn event. "The final panel of seven youths, aged 14-23, from varied ethnic backgrounds, who had been part of the breakout sessions and powerfully shared their final message with us adults."

    “We need intersectionality in the climate movement – indigenous, people of color, youth, and more.”

    “Open the work up to young people”

    “Give us a place at the table – mentor us, fund our efforts.”

    “Adults need to empower youth with tools, opportunities to speak, and more.”

    “Change educational systems. Empower teachers to empower kids.”

    Sue Starapoli said, "It’s a bit overwhelming to see so many possibilities for collaboration and not know where to begin! But among us we can make these connections and move forward toward reversing global warming."

    That kind of connection is exactly what I've been working on -- in my imagination, in conversations, in emails -- but not yet in real life.

    I'm working with We, the World, figuring out how to establish the CLIMATE COLLABORATORY at Santa Fe College with Earth Charter International. I want to offer online courses and webinars from Pachamama Alliance and others as community and continuing education. It seems so do-able -- and so just out of my reach.

    I want to offer CLIMATE ACTION FOR PEACE to begin connecting the youth, adults and elders on the issues that speak to their hearts. It's a Youth / Elder Climate Conversation and Action program.

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently launched the 100-Day Countdown to the International Day of Peace, September 21. This year's theme: CLIMATE ACTION FOR PEACE. In September 2019 the leaders of the world will be at the UN for a Climate Summit. Youth (including Greta Thungren) will lead climate action worldwide. Guterres asks people of all ages to support them.

    Here's a challenge from We, the World to the Pachamama Drawdown Family:

    Let's match the 100 Drawdown Solutions to the 100 Day Countdown to the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2019. We are now at Day Six. I want to highlight the 80 workable solutions, starting on Day 20. We can start a collaborative blog to engage youth in the Drawdown Solutions, and support them with tools and resources from the many organizations that are working on similar goals. The elders have a special role to play as storytellers and networkers.

    This was a vague longing last year, and a burning desire this year. But I don't know how to do it -- especially not by myself!

    When the blog and Youth / Elder Climate Conversation process are up and running, we can feature it on the Welcome to WE! Show with We, the World. That's the show that asks, "What can WE do together that we can't do on our own?"

    Welcome to WE! Show - Youth and Elders Unite For the Planet

    We, The World's Online Interactive Welcome to WE! Show Youth and Elders Unite For the Planet Panel Discussion and Online Broadcast Tuesday May 21st at 3pm PST and 6PM Eastern Daylight Time. Beverly G Ward is Field Secretary for Earthcare Andrea Wilson @EarthChampion is 11 years old, an award-winning UNESCO Child Author and a climate crisis activist @Dr. John P. Wilson describes himself as a "CEO, entrepreneur, scientist, innovator and father, but most of all a problem solver. Grandmother Shannon Crossbear is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual Ojibwe / Irish woman whose purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing.

    Posted by WE on Sunday, May 19, 2019

    WHO WILL HELP US begin the blog for a Pachamama Drawdown Countdown to the International Day of Peace?

    Let's find out what WE can do together that we can't do on our own.

    Sue Blythe

  • Update On Our Next Steps:

    I just got off the phone with [~4132], the fantastic Pachamama intern who is coordinating our Drawdown for Kids and Teens group.

    We both agreed that we want to start with adapting the Drawdown materials for elementary school students, since the current materials are something high school students could easily use and adapt themselves.

    Our first steps will be:
    1) Video call- We want to have a video call with anyone from the group that would like to plan with us how to adapt the Drawdown materials for elementary school kids (plus how we might help teens use and adapt the materials).

    2) Aggregate materials to one location- Janelle will gather all materials, links, etc. and post them in one spot that is easily accessible to this group.

    If you have any materials or links you think our group should see, please message or email Janelle.

    Her email address is:

    I'll be in touch soon with possible dates and times for our video call.

  • Hi All,

    At my first solo Introduction to Drawdown (last weekend) I had a woman ask if we had Project Drawdown materials for children or teens. She thought her teen daughter would be interested in taking the 5-Session Getting into Action workshop. This is an idea that I'd love to explore/ do.

    Today I search the Global Commons to find something about the program [~142] and [~154] were doing in their local elementary schools. They had mentioned it on a Convener's call. That's when I found this thread.

    According to [~22], one of their Pachamama's interns— [~4132] — is interested in adapting Drawdown for kids and teens, too. Rogér also pointed out to me [~321] 's thread on Drawdown for Kids.

    I have my B.S. in Special Education and my M.F.A in Writing for Children and Teens. I have also been a substitute elementary school teacher for the past 20 years. I've co-presented a handful of Introduction to Drawdown presentations for adults and did my first solo presentation last weekend. I'm also going to co-facilitate my first 5-session Getting into Action workshop this summer for adults.

    I'm wondering if all of us would like to work together this summer and pull our resources together to build on June and Marty's wonderful work and create a Drawdown program that we can take to elementary schools, as well as a program to take to middle and high schools for teens.

    I look forward to working with you!

    Robin Galbraith

    Edited to tag [~3100] since I know she's been an Elder advisor to the Sunrise movement.

  • I hope to reach parents through their children. My target audience is grades 3-5, although I could also focus on younger kids. I have a series of flash cards which I have created. For older kids and adults: Here is the url if you want to print them out . http://www.kitzkikz.com/flashcards/index.php?id=FDKvSF
    For younger kids, I created a poster which I use to help them see that every part of our body can contribute to solutions but I cannot seem to add the image. Happy to share... contact me if you are interested and I will send you a pdf.

  • Came across this wonderful resource form the Rainforest Alliance with 5 Tips for Talking to Kids About Climate Change (Without Freaking Them Out). You can find the article here.

    The article links to this Climate Educator Guide that has some fun exercises and activities for kids to engage in.

  • Check out this video that [~3100] posted from Young Voices for the Planet. I found in very inspiring. It's great to see what young children can do with the right inspiration.

  • [~142] and I led a program for elementary school age children (K-8) a few days ago as part of the Cinnaminson Schools Invention Convention. This program, inspired by Project Drawdown, offered the children an opportunity to be an Environmental Superhero. We offered 4 options and the children came up with two additional choices. The options we offered included being an Energy Saver Superhero, a Food Saver Superhero, a Plastic Saver Superhero or a Water Saver Superhero. The children suggested Pollution Saver Superhero and Recycling Superhero options.

    We partnered with Sustainable South Jersey and prizes were awarded for environmentally oriented inventions. One of the more interesting ideas was a solar powered gondola system for transporting people.