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  • CommUnity. David Inglis from the Rochester Pachamama community shared this message and I wanted to post it here. It was in response to a comment I made on his post which I thought was in great alignment with the growth of the Golden Gate Community. Here is a link to their post:

    "Hi Friends in the Golden Gate Pachamama Alliance!

    When our first Drawdown convener, Sue Staropoli, was facilitating our first Drawdown course, she realized that her calling was not to pursue one particular climate solution, but to spread the word about Drawdown as widely as she could. So she invented a new solution, “Drawdown Ambassador.” As she helped convene other Drawdown courses, she mentioned that as an option, and gradually assembled a group of about 20 people who see that as their calling. The group has met twice now, and through those meetings and e-mail exchanges in between, developed and approved the document you see here. It was initially drafted and artfully designed by one of the Ambassadors. Not all Drawdown Ambassadors want to present Intros to Drawdown or convene courses. One is spreading the word about Drawdown to other home school parents, some are taking it to their faith communities or workplaces, library, etc. Others table at larger events. One person has a background in advertising, and is helping create a logo that we can put on buttons, bumperstickers, t-shirts, etc. Doing these things is helping build a collective group energy among people who didn’t know each other before.

    I hope this helps! And best of luck following your own passion, creativity and vision!"

  • In a recent dream, it became vividly clear to me that our efforts to reverse global warming can only succeed if our actions come from love, not fear -- if we preserve forests not from fear of losing the lumber or the oxygen, but for pure love of forests as ourselves.  I understand this to be Charles Eisenstein's  message in his book "Climate, A new Story".  The dream told me that this message must penetrate to the core of our souls, and must underpin our social consciousness.

    I've held the word "love" as cluttered and unwieldy to the point of uselessness.  Hollywood and Madison Avenue have shackled the word, and the deeper meanings, to their profit. We have a single encumbered word to express a wide range of emotions that because of vagueness, can include neediness and hypocrisy

    I'm intending to enhance my ability to embody and project love in ways more precisely considered by the ancient Greeks.  This article < link on the Greek forms of love, and my studies of Zen and Tibetan traditions, guide my practice.


  • Hi friends,

    As we approach the Solstice, it is a time to take account of our successes and challenges of the year. There is a beauty in bearing witness to our own process. I want to thank all of you for teaching me better to communicate and share why I am organizing this project for Indigenous Climate Wisdom to help us in the Bay Area and across California how we can mitigate climate change through deepening our connection to the sacred, both internally and externally.

    We will be doing a benefit dinner in San Francisco with a meditation, writing of intentions and an amazing holistic (organic and vegan) meal to nurture the body. It would be amazing to see you there. It is Saturday December 22 in San Francisco between 6-9pm. We are looking to build support for the project and find allies that would like to host other similar events. Feel free to reach out with questions.

    With heart,

  • Here is why we have a community, and why we propose to have periodic Community Gatherings.

  • PA Friends -

    1. Here are some sustainable projects in Marin that PA may be able to support and/or promote.

    2. Additionally, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon is nationally renowned for her progressive environmental leadership and programs. I will forward her projects that may be of use in Marin upon receipt.

    From: Cory Bytof
    Sent: Friday, November 16, 2018 4:20 PM
    Subject: San Rafael Climate Action and links

    Hello Agnes,

    thank you for your call and enthusiasm. Here are some links and information for you.

    First, a link to our Climate Change Action Plan current:

    Climate Change Action Plan - San Rafael
    In 2006 San Rafael was one of the early signatories to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, committing the City to working towards meeting the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. To provide a roadmap on how the City can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own municipal operations as well as influence residents and businesses …

    a link to our new draft CCAP…

    and city council meeting video presentation:…

    City Council - Oct 15th, 2018
    Live and Recorded Public meetings of City Council for City of San Rafael, CA

    Resilient Neighborhoods. This is the fantastic program based on David Gershon's Low Carbon Diet I told you about:

    Resilient Neighborhoods - Home
    Resilient Neighborhoods brings people together and empowers them to do something about climate change, lower their bills, strengthen their communities, and prepare for emergencies.

    Sustainable San Rafael - you should definitely meet Bill Carney, and Belle Cole from 350 Marin:

    Home - 350 Marin
    A landmark report from the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought…

    Sustainable San Rafael
    Channel 5, CBS for the Bay Area, featured “Getting to Paris without Stopping in Washington” on their evening news the next day. Their story included interviews with featured speakers Christiana Figueres and Congressman Jared Huffman.

    Sustainable Marin

    Sustainable Marin
    Welcome to Sustainable Marin. Sustainable Marin is a non-profit organization of volunteers who advocate and educate about sustainability at the County level in Marin.

    Marin Conservation League has a Climate Action Working Group that meets monthly

    Issue Committees
    Marin Conservation League's Issues Committees

    Marin County has a great program including Drawdown Marin

    Sustainability - County of Marin
    The County of Marin Sustainability Team works to support healthy, safe and sustainable communities while preserving Marin’s unique environmental heritage.

    the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership is the collaborative working group of staff from all the cities working together to measure GHG's and implement CCAP's. This is our Marin Sustainability Tracker:

    Welcome to the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership
    California’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. See how your community plans to meet – or surpass – that goal.

    Marin Climate and Energy Partnership
    MARIN SUSTAINABILITY TRACKER. Click on one of the categories to get started, or click the ? for help.
    I look forward to working with you in some capacity!

    Cory Bytof

  • FELLOW AWAKENED DREAMERS! I can't celebrate these 2 upcoming events enough:

    Saturday Nov. 17th:
    Have your higher self / guides / deceased loved ones / living loved ones / animal spirits channeled for insights / questions / clarity on whatever! (Limited spots!)


    Sunday Nov. 18th:

    **Registration in advance for both is required.

    Sister stephanie levenston has channeled for countless folks to date including me (4 times!), Tree Sisters and Lynne Twist!

    Check out Lynne's testimonial:

    I met a remarkable woman named Stephanie Levenston. She is an amazing intuitive channel. After attending a Pachamama Alliance event in New York where I spoke, she approached me and offered me a free session. I took her up on it and sat with her for about an hour, and that session was a mind-blower, life changing and totally useful to me. I have since had several sessions with Stephanie by phone that have also been powerful. She is nothing short of extraordinary. She's the real deal.