Environmental awareness

Dickson Nkwabi • 10 July 2019

Hello dear PAC's members!

I'm so happy to see PA activities are being conducted as normal. Here in Tanzania environmental conservation is done though there are some challenges. Ways of conserving forests Begin with cleaning ones' brain. I'm a teacher by professional, today I was teaching a certain subject known as GEOGRAPHY in class 6. The main topic was Human Activities and Their Effects to the Environment. the sub-topic was Forests. Pupils enjoyed a lesson of 40 minutes. I and my pupils discussed on the meaning, types of forests, importance and activities that destroy our forests. Actually my pupils enjoyed a lot. They were very active, even after a lesson they requested me to remain so that we can proceed discussing on forests. It means that these kids have understood on the importance of forests now they are free in mind. Let's teach our pupils for the future generation of Forest's keepers.

Best wishes

Dickson Nkwabi


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