Tanzania and Her Natural Resources

Dickson Nkwabi • 1 August 2019

Tanzania is an African country located in East Africa. Tanzania has a lot of natural resources. There are national parks like Mikumi, Serengeti, Mahale, Gombe, Manyara, udzungwa Mount Kilimanjaro National park. We have game reserves like Selous, Kigosi, moyowosi etc. Lake Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa and Rukwa are the biggest lake in Africa. 

All these natural resources stay longer when they are well preserved. Green Again Organization is there just to support environmental conservation in Kahama Tanzania. Our plan is to plant 250000 tree by 2020. We are mostly welcoming friends who are planning to visit Tanzania please welcome. I will receive you warmly, I will direct you attractive places to visit and enjoy. All in all you'll see our projects that are taking place in Tanzania e.g afforestation programs. 

I'm doing this because we are sharing the common interest. We all GAME CHANGERS. Tanzanians are very kind, I also like guests. Come even if you'll be 100 you will enjoy. I will receive you warmly and we will share a lot of ideas. You will visit different national parks and game reserves. You will get an opportunity to advice the government on how they are suppose to do in order to make sure that the environment are staying clean and safe. 

Dear friends, you're mostly welcome in Tanzania. Welcome in Kahama, Shinyanga Tanzania.

Contact me through my email dmanunda100@gmail.com for more information. Please feel Free.

Best wishes

Dickson Nkwabi


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