Awakening the Dreamer

Jim Bronson

Interested in helping bring forth a new human presence on the earth? Attend an Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. 


An engaging, interactive seminar in which concerned citizens will deepen their understanding of the state of humanity and connect with each other to envision change. You will explore with fellow citizens the current situation including: 

  • Current statistics regarding the environmental, social, and spiritual state of humanity. 
  • A view of how we arrived at this point as a species. 
  • An in-depth exploration of the industrial worldview using a 

contrasting worldview as a mirror. 

An exploration of the emergence of a new worldview (‘new dream’) that points to a large-scale societal transformation already underway, and how we can each engage in that transformation in ways that speak uniquely to us as individuals 

Open to anyone who wishes to take practical steps to bring about transformation to the environmental, social and spiritual presence of humanity on the earth. 

What Topics Does the Symposium Cover? 

The Symposium takes participants through four key questions to reveal how our modern worldview and economic and political systems are preventing us from creating the world in which we want to live: 

  • Where are we? A snapshot of the current state of our world, using data and insights from a wide range of experts. 
  • How did we get here? An exploration of the root causes behind our current social and environmental crises. 
  • What is possible now? Examples of widespread social change movements from history and the present. 
  • Where do we go from here? Tools and next steps for you – a conscious and committed person co-creating our future. 

The through-line between these four explorations is the interrelationship between environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment. Using this systemic lens, and with help from global leaders such as Joanna Macy, Van Jones, Paul Hawken, and Wangari Maathai, the Symposium looks at everything from peak oil and climate change to social justice and racism. 

What Can the Symposium Do for You Personally? 

As they take in the videos and engage in the exercises, Symposium participants: 

  • Begin to understand the issues facing humankind and how they are integrally connected. 
  • Reveal the unexamined assumptions holding our current systems in place. 
  • Appreciate the extraordinary possibilities emerging at this time in history. 
  • See a role they can play in turning things around. 
  • Feel a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and empowerment. 

“At a time when I felt only despair about the conditions I saw in the world, the Symposium provided me with a new way of seeing things, with hope and with inspiration. It neatly organized all the things I cared about most into three easily manageable categories, and gave me a framework and language for communicating my concerns and for understanding what I could do to make a difference.” - Symposium Participant, Pennsylvania, USA 

Visit to learn how the Symposium can foster your personal growth as a leader, including resources and trainings for you to learn to deliver the Symposium in your own community. 

What Can the Symposium Do for Your Community or Organization? 

The Symposium can be a powerful tool that complements the mission or goals of a wide range of organizations or communities. We’ve been thrilled to work with organizations and networks as diverse as United Nations Development Program, Sisters of Mercy, a major defense contract, Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and the International Coaching Federation. 

Among the possible benefits for your community or organization: 

  • Engage your stakeholders or staff with a unique experience 
  • Use the Symposium message as an inspiring context for your work 
  • Generate creative ideas or solutions that can further organizational goals 

Bring the Symposium to your community or organization and inspire a timely, creative conversation about what’s possible for our future. 

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