Drawdown 2020: The Time Is Now

Keith Voos

We’re excited to announce that Lynne Twist will be co-hosting the virtual event Drawdown 2020: The Time Is Now. It will be happening on Monday September 21 from 7 pm - 9pm EST for the kick off night to Climate Week NYC! It is jam-packed with extraordinary people engaged in the solutions to the climate crisis. 

You won’t want to miss the line-up of scientists, business leaders and individuals actually bringing forth the solutions and the ground-breaking work of Project Drawdown! 

From a former commercial fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer to a micro grid energy expert now the solar strategy Lead for IKEA’s global research and design lab, to transformative business leaders, youth activists and award-winning filmmakers and their films, you’ll be inspired by what you hear and what you see.

Join Lynne and Co-Host Amanda Joy Ravenhill, Executive Director, The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Participants will include Chad Frischmann, VP of Research for Project Drawdown; John Liu, Award Winning Filmmaker and Founder of Eco-Restoration Camps; Damon Gameau, Award Winning Filmmaker 2040; Alexandria Villasenor, Youth Climate Activist and Louie Psihoyos, Academy Award Winning filmmaker and more.



For the last two years, Drawdown NYC and Pachamama Alliance’s Metro Area Group along with other partners have helped organize a big live event to tell the stories of the incredible people around the world who are building the solutions we need to lower emissions and live more sustainably on this planet. Two years ago, Lynne joined Bill McKibben, Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown, Dan Zarrilli NYC's Chief Sustainability Officer, and many others. Last year, the event included a very special discussion between former Vice President Al Gore and young climate activists leading protests all over the world.


Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!

Drawdown NYC