Hearty Vegan Vegetable Lasagna


In this Cook & Serve event, Chef Linday Tyler will demonstrate how to make vegan Vegetable Lasagna with a vegan Marinara Sauce.

This opportunity is organized by Ashwin Prabhu, a member of the Climate-Friendly Food Committee of the Portland Chapter of Climate Reality.

Watch this cooking demo on Zoom at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, April 20. If you want to cook along with Linda, be sure to email climaterealityportland@gmail.com right away for the recipes so you can do your shopping and prep in advance (we will also send you this information once you register).

Then, on Saturday, April 24, you can join others cooking at home to make Hearty Vegan Vegetable Lasagna for 45 people experiencing homelessness who are staying at the Clack Center. You can sign up here. If you don't want to cook, you could help deliver what others cook to the shelter. Info about the Walnut Park Shelter is here.

You can make a lot or a little. If you want to contribute, but can't make the featured recipe or don't want to cook, Ashwin can help you identify what you can make (like a side dish or Corn Chowder, for example), please sign up here.

If these dates won't work for you, Climate Reality will record the demo, which you can see on Climate Reality's YouTube channel. You are also encouraged to make the dishes for your family at home!