Adrianna Sikorska • 14 March 2021


The sight of the huge amounts of garbage covering almost every patch of land in Playa del Carmen, where we currently live, reminded us of all the forests, meadows, beaches, neighborhoods, etc. that, due to human carelessness, turn into small local garbage dumps every day.

We decided that we can no longer continue in inaction. We challenge ourselves and you to #PlasticBanChallenge!

We understand more and more that the power of change lies within us, in society, just as much as the power of destruction. We can continue to just recycle trash and not care what happens to it next. Or we can confront one of nature's greatest enemies, PLASTIC, and try to exclude it from our daily lives. Why stay in a toxic relationship any longer?

The #PlasticBanChallenge rules:

1. Tag #PlasticBanChallenge

2. For one week, only buy things not packaged in plastic.

3. Post a triumph post every day! Share what caused you the most trouble and what solutions you found.

If you found it hard, ask your friends what they could advise.

4. Each day, nominate 3 or more people for the challenge - preferably all of your friends!

5. If you last a week, extend your challenge Image removed.

Spread the word, add all your friends to the event and let's change the world globally through local actions!