Resilience and Possibility in These Times

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  • Dear friends of Black Lives Matter,

    If you missed my podcast interview on my 2020 International Climate Action Challenge project by the Challenge host Joan Gregerson, last Tuesday, you can see its recording (30 min) at…. It describes a new communication strategy by which Black people and White people may come together on common interests. --Albert

  • Invitation: Participate in a Sacred Conversation

    The process of Sacred Conversations encourages you to gently reflect on cornerstone questions, such as "what is the purpose of my life?" or "what is this time calling me to do?"

    These are questions that are probably always with us, but ones we hadn’t fully explored in the hustle and bustle of pre-Pandemic life.

    The intent of Sacred Conversations is to encourage you to actualize your true purpose - not as defined by parents, schools or other influencers -- but as defined by you. A secondary purpose is to help you explore how your personal purpose aligns or supports the needs of our changing earth.

    These are called Sacred Conversations because in contrast to ordinary ones, they involve both deep listening and an opportunity for both self-reflection and group learning. They’re designed to be igniters or launching pads to new ways of looking at things.

    "These conversations augment(ed) and clarified my soul’s necessary work during this pivotal time for all of us. New insights are still being woven from the threads of my first group sharing,” wrote previous participant Tracy H, after experiencing the process.

    Sacred Conversations utilizes Dialogue Circles technology, which lead facilitator Angelo John Lewis has been facilitating for more than 20 years. Groups he’s worked with have used this process for visioning, creative problem-solving. strategic planning and a wide range of other purposes.

    Each Sacred Conversation is limited to a group of six.

    Here's what others have said about Sacred Conversations:

    "Get in touch with your true self and purpose. Discover what may be blocking you from attaining your true life purpose and the expression of your most authentic self. Participate in a sacred conversation to get connected with yourself and the collective. Understand how you can grow and contribute the the growth like-minded and like-hearted individuals! Sacred conversations are an example of the holistic and interpersonal technology that is needed to highlight interconnectedness during these most trying times!"

    -- Dr. T. Lee, Educator and new Sacred Conversations Facilitator

    "I was amazed on hearing folks open up and share their intimate life experiences."

    -- Paul Corson, author, Regaining Paradise

    "The conversations are to the point, honest and open, address real issues, and go deeply into them in a short span of time."

    -- Bill Kelly, author and former UCLA professor

    "I'm someone whose mostly focused on business, and I wanted clarity on what projects to pursue. This sacred space took me into a completely different yet welcomed direction. Having a space to pause allowed me to have insights about what's actually important. The other participants were inspiring and insightful. If you're looking for an inward journey to support you in gaining clarity, I highly recommend Sacred Conversations."

    -- Laura Wade, Counselor

    "Sacred conversations provided a safe space to deeply connect with others and with myself. To reflect on my purpose and my higher self. I think those conversations are essential to build real connection and community and essential to truly understand ourselves and each other. They foster non-judgement, true listening and healing."

    -- Alisa Gunzelmann, psychologist and filmmaker

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  • Please see details of a free 24 hour event, in one-hour segments, on 1st October on coaching and climate change:

  • I am so grateful that Bill & Lynne Twist had Dr. Zach Bush on the Resilience series...I've been following his work since. He just updated his website and is hosting a free webinar on Sept 10th on The Virome, for those who might be interested. I've pasted his Facebook post about this below:

    "There is a time to leverage the rigor of science, the strength of humanity, and the intelligence of nature to transform our health and our world, and the time is now.
    It is with great excitement I share with you today a new, bold and beautiful space for all of us to find synergy in knowledge, passion, and purpose to elevate the trajectory of humankind.
    The latest iteration of my website is officially out in the world with the goal of providing a better foundation to communicate and add value to your life. With this evolution comes new modules in the Knowledge Base. Every month I will unravel a new topic with a new blog, video, and live webinar, accessible to all, at no cost, made possible by the support from this community toward the Global Education Fund -(…)
    As we welcome in the new website, we also welcome in this month’s module: THE VIROME here:
    Check out the video and blog up on the site and sign up for the live webinar this Thursday, September 10 at 12pm PST (register here:
    Reverence and gratitude to you for being a part of this communal journey of connection and curiosity." Dr. Zach Bush

  • Reactives v. Proactives and the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge

    Dear Pachamama climate and social justice advocate,

    Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek, CA, as part of its anti-racism campaign, asked its committees to name behaviors that are the opposite of eleven racist-related behaviors of white people. Although not a member, I did the exercise and was surprised that all the behaviors given seemed reactive and their opposites proactive. (see "Reactives v. Proactives" below)

    Perhaps after reading these and clicking on the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge, you'll find the most proactive thing you can do right now is register for the Climate Action Challenge,, which has been extended from September 1 until September 15, just in case!

    Mine is working with faith leaders to coordinate the initiative, "Black + White Conversations from the Heart," It's based on the premise that if white people, whose ancestors originate from the global north, and people of color, whose ancestors originate from the global south, converse with each other from the heart, they will also cooperate to save each other from prejudice and climate change.

    So, join my team (#10), or jump-start your own environmental, community, or justice initiative during the 90-day challenge, with the collaboration of mentors and challengers from around the world!

    Reactives v. Proactives:

    Reactive; Win or Lose; Profit or Loss > Adversity > Going faster in a less constructive direction
    Proactive; Win + Win; Mutual Gain > Diversity > Going further in a more constructive direction



    Quantity over quality
    Quality and quantity in agreement

    Worship of the written word
    The written word tempered by experience

    Conflict avoidance
    Rhythmic participation



    Power hoarding
    Power sharing

    False sense of urgency
    Seeing the big picture

    Assuming right to comfort
    Stimulated by prospect of risk and reward


    2020 International Climate Action Challenge

    Be part of an exciting challenge to launch 1,000 eco-initiatives in 90 days!