Bridging Differences through Relationship

Seeds of Hope presents

Bridging Differences through Relationship

1:30-3:00 EST Sunday, December 6

A free Zoom workshop


This year’s election was an intense battle between Americans who deeply believed that a win for the other party would mean a loss of what they hold dear as Americans.  This battle raised America’s level of angst and antagonism to new heights. How will this “house divided” stand against the barrage of Covid-19, racial injustice, climate change, and economic breakdown?  

The research of social psychologist Dr. Jonathan Haidt has revealed that the same basic needs and values that underlie our political positions are operant in all of us. They are just emphasized or expressed differently. He posits that we can heal the tear in our social fabric by stepping away from the media that feed our stereotypes of each other, opening our hearts and minds, and having personal conversations with those family members, friends, associates, and neighbors that are on the other side of the chasm.  If we do this with humility and empathy, we will find another human being with the same basic needs and values, and we can find common ground on which to heal our relationships and begin healing our country.

At our Seeds of Hope gathering 1:30-3:00 EST Sunday, December 6, we will

  • Help honor and release the pain we are carrying from these divisions
  • Understand the basic needs that underlie our world view and positions
  • Understand the basic needs that underlie others' world view and positions
  • Practice making connections based on understanding and respect

This gathering will help you move towards healing painful divisions in your relationships, and help you make meaningful new connections.

To register for this free Zoom event, do not try to enroll from this page, but instead click on this link:  

And invite others to join you—including people you feel a barrier with.

When we bridge the divisions in our own relationships, the divisions in our society will no longer render us powerless. We will be able to see the path to healing our country’s painful divide.