Dismantling the Racism That Shapes Our Lives

Seeds of Hope

Sunday October 4, 1:30-3:30 p.m. ET  (This is a zoom event)

Dismantling the Racism that Shapes Our Lives

A two-part program that moves from outside in to inside out--

in our journey as white people dismantling racism


How is it that unarmed Black people are still being abused, asphyxiated and shot by the police whose job is to “protect and serve”?  How is it that Rochester, a forward-looking city known for its generosity, is still one of the most segregated cities in America, with one of the highest levels of child poverty?  Racism is woven into every facet of our community and our society. White people don’t have to think about it--until something like the police asphyxiation of Daniel Prude tears off the veil and exposes the attitudes, values and assumptions of domination that are impossible to ignore. 


Robin DiAngelo said, “Nice, white people who really aren't doing anything other than being nice people are racist. We are complicit with that system. There is no neutral place.”  


Our October 4 Seeds of Hope gathering will be devoted to helping us “nice, white people” lift the veil on ways racism is woven into our system and into the privileges we count on without giving them a thought.  It is our blindness to those privileges that sustains the quiet, insidious domination of people who don’t share these privileges.  And it is our capacity to see them that lays the foundation for changing them.  


Our November 1 Seeds of Hope gathering will then support us as we explore the ways racism has become subtly woven into our own attitudes, biases, beliefs, and behavior as members of a society that was built on the foundation of white supremacy.  


Dismantling racism feels like an overwhelming task. But each of us has the power to do the work of opening our eyes to where it lurks in our lives and in our own minds.  This is where real change must begin. “The revolution is our evolution.”  


We hope that you are courageous enough to join us as we open our eyes to the racism that has subtly shaped our lives, and awaken the best that is within us.  We are inspired by Layla Saad, who said, “This is soul work...that requires depth of spirit, critical thinking, a heart of integrity and an empowering vision for a new world.  It is Love work.” (www.meandwhitesupremacybook.com.)


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We would love to have you join us so we can do this work together.