Drawdown 2020 Update

Event date 15 Jul '20 19:00 - 20:00
Event location Virtual event per ZOOM • Rochester, NY, United States

Project Drawdown researched and published DRAWDOWN  The Most Comprehensive Plan for Reversing Global Warming in 2017.  Now, in March 2020 the measurements have been recalculated and updated. And, the Drawdown 2020 is a new digital online edition available to the world.   This 1 hour Drawdown 2020 Update presents the 76 solutions which are already available and the new expanded sections of this plan.  Learn how there is hope that, by working together, we can reverse global warming! 

Register in advance for this program by visiting https://www.pachapeopleroc.org/drawdown-programs. At our website you can discover more virtual event offerings and resources.