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Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance

  • Below is a bit of a revision of the mission that could be included in the "Description" of this group. We spoke of this in one of our conference calls. Please feel free to comment on this as if I am to make changes on this site I want solid consensus.
    Beginning with the Drawdown Introduction in October 2018 and planning to moving through the 5 part workshop this group wishes to first build a stronger core group with the goal expanding the community of engaged advocates to broaden awareness of the potential for Drawdown and sustainability in Sonoma County and ultimately propose and support specific local Drawdown initiatives in partnership with cities, county and regional public agencies and NPOs.  In addition at an even more personal scale we want to provide the community with hands on access to permaculture and farming experience beginning with one small experimental farm and providing some measure of food access to under served populations through a production vegetable farming project

  • For the sake of back ground for people that want to know what this group is about I am placing here some notes the were previously in private emails about our process.
    -- As per Jason's instruction I set up a group. In doing so I penciled in a general purpose and also a name for the group as Sonoma County Drawdown. Both are tentative. Perhaps when we populate the group with Connie, Roni, Rama Steve and anyone else that will join from our even such as Claudia and Marilyn we can then conference on revisions, statements, images etc. You are the only other person that is already a member of Pachamama so I went ahead and made you a member of this new group and gave you manager status. Currently the group is not populated with any events, etc but I think I should list the old event here (as I believe it is nowhere else inside the Global Commons) and our follow up conference with Jason.Thereafter we can invite comments on both those events. I also have minutes of our meeting with Jason I would also like to post so that comments, corrections and additions can be made by the larger group. Please take time to look and let me know what you think. This is my first note on the new group welcoming members Welcome to our new group. Although up to this point we have used private email for communications, Pachamama believes this space called the Global Commons will be fruitful for developing new ideas and collaborations as it can access and tie in others in this trusted and growing community

  • Looking to connect with active members in Sonoma County.

  • It's so great to see this group in the Global Commons! May this space be home for great dialogue, inspiring connections, effective collaboration and infinite love! Go team!