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  • Hello SW Florida and Pachamama People everywhere. We are so proud of our own PASWFL Community members Joseph Bonasia and Gary Robbins for being instrumental in bringing the Rights of Nature Movement forward as a Pachamama initiative that we all can support. Thanks to their perserverce the next Resilience and Possibility Conversation will be about the Rights of Nature - which was foundational in the origins of the Pachamama Alliance in Ecuador over two decades ago. Here is the link:

    There is a Rights of Nature workshop coming out of South America in September. Maybe some in this community want to check it out!

  • Hello Rights of Nature Friends,

    On November 3rd, in Florida, Orange County citizens will make history by voting on the Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River Bill of Rights (WEBOR). It would install into law the rights of these two rivers and all waterways in Orange County to exist, flow, be free of pollution, and maintain a healthy ecosystem. It will also give citizens the right to clean water.
    As far as I know, this he only Rights of Nature initiative in the nation that will be on a ballot in November. We need your support. The opportunity to help on such a fundamental level doesn't happen often. Please keep reading.

    This law, prescribing these rights, is necessary because:
    • Orange County citizens, like all Floridians, do not have a right to clean water. In fact, a new law in Florida expressly says Floridians have NO rights regarding the natural world. This amendment guarantees Orange County citizens clean water.
    • If corporations can have rights, so can nature. If nature doesn’t have rights, it can’t be defended against polluting corporations that do. That’s the legal reality.
    • Our current regulatory system isn’t working. Our waterways in Florida have been polluted for years and it’s always the same story: “We have to elect the right people.” No. Our right to clean water and healthy ecosystems shouldn’t depend upon who’s in office.

    The importance of this charter amendment to SW Floridians is two-fold.
    First, pollution in Orange County makes it way into Lake Okeechobee, worsening blue-green algae blooms and red tides such as we residents of SWFL experienced in 2018, when our beaches were lined with dead marine life and our tourist economy was severely impacted. We’ve had multiple water summits down here, while the problem mostly originates up north.
    Second, passing the Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River Bill of Rights makes a Caloosahatchee River Bill of Rights or an Estero Bay Bill of Rights much more likely. Passing this ballot measure will clearly declare the will of the people to protect the quality of our lives and the natural world we cherish.
    Opposing forces will be pumping lots of money into defeating this citizen initiative at the ballot box. We need to respond with a robust campaign of our own. Please help us by providing critical financial support now at A $50.00 donation will buy approximately 350 texts messages to targeted voters, $100.00 twice that or a strategically placed 4’ x 8’ road sign.
    Thank you!

  • Welcome to our SWFL Community. We hope to see more of you engaged here soon! Today we will have a tour of the Pachamama Alliance Commons and of our SWFL Community. My sister Tricia Rauen Evenson painted this Snow Leopard.

  • “We are called to become hollow bones for our people, and anyone else we can help. We are not supposed to seek power for our personal use and honor."

  • The News-Press recently ran “Keep energy affordable during COVID recovery.” It argued now is not the time for society to shift to renewable energies.
    Now is the perfect time.
    There is nothing affordable about fossil fuels. The World Monetary Fund says Americans indirectly subsidize the fossil fuel industry approximately $649 billion yearly by covering the costs of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, the economic losses of tourism-killing algal blooms, and the costs of health care directly related to fossil fuel pollution. Americans could buy a lot of clean renewable energy with $649 billion.
    And to promote fossil fuels during the COVID crisis is particularly disturbing. The World Health Organization says fossil fuel pollution kills over 3 million people a year and sickens millions more. Talk about a health crisis!
    A day after the "affordable" energy article, the News-Press ran “Climate change on minds of young people.” Young people certainly don’t see anything affordable about fossil fuels. They see environmental and generational injustice on an almost unthinkable scale, dishonesty in those who question climate science, and an abdication of true climate leadership in this country.
    COVID-19 is a crisis and an opportunity. For our children’s sake, we must make the most of it.

    Joseph Bonasia
    (Letter to the Editor, News-Press, 6/17/20)