Project Drawdown - Getting into Action: Auckland Meet Up

Join us for a dinner to celebrate completing our Getting into Action workshop series!

Please click the Enroll button above if you are able to come.



A time to reflect on what we’ve learned, shared and been inspired by, share our ideas on what’s next, and finally get to see each other in person. 

“Everybody Eats is a pay-as-you-feel dining concept for everyone. We serve delicious, chef-prepared meals that feed bellies, not bins”

3 course, pay-as-you-feel set menu, changes daily. Always a vegetarian option.




Check out their inspiring story:



For those outside of Auckland, we appreciate it is a long way to come and would so love it if you were able to join us. Please contact us directly or use the WhatsApp group if you need accommodation or would like to carpool.