Hi, fellow Pachamama NZ members, it has been awesome to be part of the drawdown workshop. I wanted to make the best use of this wonderful opportunity to make a movement. I thought the first thing I could do here is to share my assignments from the workshop with anyone interested, and also, if you don't mind, you could share them with me if you are working on a similar solution. I'm working on "Nutrient management" to close the nutrient cycle between agricultural production and everyday food consumption. As a soil scientist and consultant, this is actually my lifetime subject to work on to mitigate the global eutrophication problem and reduce the use of fossil fuel to synthesize excessive fertilizer. Image_close_nutrient_cycle

Image_close_nutrient_cycle2There appeared to be quite a few people in the Pachamama NZ group who works on related solutions such as food waste, composting, and regenerative agriculture. I believe whatever related to food and agriculture would be closely connected to my project. So I'm hoping we can get together and discuss to come up with any potential solutions.

I was thinking of the best way how I can share my assignments and any other related resources. Then I decided to start a chat board for resource storage and discussion for "closing nutrient cycle" on here;


You can take a look at the discussion there (hasn't had much, XDD) and linked resources without signing in. You could also share your resources or upload any documents there although you need to sign in if you want to write there. You can also make comments here in Pachamama topic, no problem.

I hope we can keep in touch even after the workshop finishes and come up with any local and global strategies to achieve the goal. Thank you!