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Member Spotlight: Antonio Aversano

Pachamama Alliance • 6 April 2019

Antonio is an Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator and Game Changer Intensive Moderator in the Golden Gate Community, and coordinates the Sacred Instructions Community Discussion & Empowerment Group. You can learn more about Antonio on his profile page.

Antonio AversanoWhere do you currently live?

Fairfax, California. Marin County is unique. We are so close to several big cities and population centers, yet Marin is filled with Open Space that has remained protected for decades. The Open Space of Marin offers a lot of opportunity to step outside the normal routines of life and enter into a timeless experience of connection with the local flora and fauna. When I am in Open Space, I also feel the energy of the indigenous peoples who lived on these lands long before the waves of colonialism came crashing down. I love living here because I feel closer to the land and I believe we all have a lot to learn from the indigenous ways that are still vibrating all around us.

What are some ways you like to spend your time?

There is so much one can choose to ‘do' in life. And as Arkan Lushwala says, “We must first pay attention to who we can be - that is the first question before we can know what to do.” Daily rituals, ceremonies, and forms of creative expression such as making music are a foundation of living for me. Practices such as devotional chanting, meditation, yoga, or just going for a 'walk of re-membering' are all valuable ways I choose to live the gift of my life. From this place, interpersonal connections are imbued with more depth and presence. Basically more of my Essence shows up when I dedicate the start of my day to the practices of ‘re-membering’. And also from this foundation, the whispers of Spirit and the path of my Soul are more clear and enriched - whether it is serving as a Soul Supporter in a session with a client or offering ceremonial sounds at an event.

How did you first connect with Pachamama Alliance?

I first experienced Awakening the Dreamer in 2010 in Western Massachusetts. I was an active member of the community there and was always watching and listening for experiences that brought people together for the sake of awakening and remembering who we are and how we might live in a better way here on planet Earth. I became an Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator and led at least one Awakening the Dreamer Symposium at that time.

What is a memory or experience with Pachamama Alliance that stands out for you?

In 2017 I was a Moderator with the Game Changer Intensive. It was an empowering experience to come together with people from around the world as well as connect with a small group of people who were aligned in passion and inspiration to use our creative energies to support the birth of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. The course content was very moving and inspiring and has led me to continue studying with some of the wisdom teachers who are highlighted throughout the intensive. I also continue to meet monthly via video conference with several of the members of our initial small group which continues to be a drinking well of inspiration and empowerment.

What is something you are proud to be doing in service of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet?

I continue to serve individual clients and small groups as a Soul Supporter. I believe people who have the privilege of living in a modern society with quite adequate safety, security, and an over abundance of basic needs being met, not only have the opportunity but also a responsibility to engage with the work of "knowing thyself". I truly believe that the way to heal the world is for enough individuals to awaken and walk a path of being committed to healing themselves and serving others for the good of all beings everywhere. For me, healing and awakening are two sides to the same coin of re-membering who we truly are, the unique gift that we are here to bring in this life, and cultivating the courage and capacity to walk the path of our true Self and our Soul's purpose. Living in such a way, even with sometimes just glimpses of light amidst the darkness, automatically gives permission to others to do the same. When we commit to living in our own Light, we are creating a spark that illuminates the Light in others. This idea of personal awakening and Soulful living is important because I believe it is reflective of the 'possible human' and 'possible planet' that is wanting to be birthed. I know that continuing to live and serve in this way is creating ripples of awakening consciousness that far outreach and outlast the perceived impact that I see (and don't see).

What is something that you would like to see change in the world in the next 10 years?

I would like to see a tidal wave of people in America that highly value kindness, compassion, creativity, spirituality, equality, collaboration, community and indigenous ways of living, rise up and step into positions of leadership on all levels. I would like to see people of privileged means passionately engage with their individual healing and awakening in any and every way they can! And when the veil is lifted, and they see more clearly, such people dedicate themselves to freeing all beings everywhere from the shackles of all levels of oppression so that all people everywhere can live in freedom, peace, and harmony.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I continue to see within the Pachamama Alliance a rising wave of people who are giving more and more attention to "Spiritual Fulfillment", knowing that doing so is supporting the other pillars of Pachamama’s organizational mission.

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