The Living Earth

Pachamama Alliance • 26 March 2019

In his latest book, Climate: A New Story, our friend Charles Eisenstein offers a new perspective on climate action. He says that focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is short-sighted and incomplete. He calls on us to hold in our hearts our “living Earth,” and focus our actions on protecting, repairing, and regenerating the natural world, especially our local ecosystems. This 6-minute video is both thought-provoking and inspiring…

What reflections do you have on this video? What opportunities do you see where you live to contribute to the regeneration of local ecosystems?


Did you see the conversation last month about the Youth Climate March on March 15th? An estimated 1.6 million students from over 120 countries walked out of class to demand action for climate change. Here are some of the specific stories of local action inspired participation and action on March 15.