Money, Climate, and You

Pachamama Alliance • 30 November 2019

"We in the U.S. subsidize oil companies with $26 billion a year. And 1/1000th of that is spent on natural solutions to global warming. We’ve got our priorities all wrong with money in this country and in this world."

In the video below from the annual Pachamama Alliance Luncheon in San Francisco, co-founder Lynne Twist speaks about the role of money in the movement to reverse global warming, and the importance of transforming or relationship with money in order to leverage our financial resources to powerfully face global challenges.

While this shift is critical on a policy level, there is also a role for all of us as individuals to be mindful in our relationships with money, especially at a time of year when money and consumption are particularly present for many people.

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday season while contributing to a healthy planet. A fun idea you might try: Lynne has a tradition of gifting money to her grandchildren that they can donate to any organization they choose. After making the donation and volunteering with the organization, they come together to share about their experiences. 

What are your thoughts or feelings about the role of money in reversing global warming? Do you have any traditions or ideas for supporting the health of the planet while participating in a consumer culture?