Healing The Soul of America

Antonio Aversano • 26 July 2018

I was compelled to forward this message from Marianne Williamson - one of the most vibrant Spiritual leaders of our time...

Dear Friends,

I published a book called HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA over 20 years ago that spoke to the intersection of spirituality and politics. 

In a nutshell, the book wasn’t widely received. Many in the spiritual community seemed to feel at that time that politics wasn’t a relevant subject for the spiritual seeker to pursue. Some people told me then, as they sometimes tell me now, that it’s “negative” to point out such things as oppression or injustice. What we focus on expands, the thinking goes, and therefore to look at a problem is to merely give it power.

But that take on an otherwise meaningful spiritual principle has no basis in either spiritual or material truth. Indeed, sometimes a problem grows for the very reason that we did not look at it! Not looking at cancer does not make it go away. 

In fact, the juxtaposition of earthly suffering and heavenly peace is at the very core of spiritual inquiry. We can’t just rewrite Christianity and leave out the crucifixion, rewrite Buddhism and ignore Buddha’s message that life is suffering, even rewrite the Old Testament leaving out the part about slavery in Egypt. Nor can we leave out such unpleasantries as slavery, genocide, and war from the annals of human history. Such collective spiritual bypass does not deepen our spiritual growth but stunts it.

That is why I have updated my book in a new and revised 20th Anniversary edition. In A Course in Miracles, it says we are to look at the crucifixion but not dwell on it; we are not here to ignore the illusion, but to transform it. That is what a miracle-worker does.

Spiritual seeking does not make us naïve to the ways of the world, but rather wiser about the ways of the world. Spiritual seekers should not be children standing on the sidelines; we should be the biggest grownups in the room. 

I hope HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA, released in its new revised edition just this week, is of value to you in making your citizenship a more conscious and spiritually aligned part of a significant and well-lived life.

All my best,
Marianne Williamson

PS: Available for download at:

Google Playhttp://bit.ly/2N7IFCi


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