Men and Women Becoming Allies for Each Other: Learning the Gift of Listening Deeply

Padme Livingstone
Event date 9 Nov '18 12:30 - 15:30
Event location Brighton Library • 2300 Elmwood Ave, Rocehster, 14618, NY, United States

Being deeply, empathically listened to can be a revelation and gift for both speaker and listener. Even though it isn’t widely known in our general culture, deep listening gives the speaker a space to see all around something that has been only partially seen from one angle before. Men and women need to do this kind of listening together more than ever these days.

Women need to hear how men have been affected by the imbalance of centuries and men need to hear the suffering of women created by this issue. Because this has affected all of us, the healing that can come from hearing each other’s stories can be profound.

Join us in this Listening Circle to begin healing the divide that creates so much misunderstanding and suffering in our personal development, our relationships, our institutions, and our culture. Let’s move together toward the biggest picture our hearts can hold for a beautiful future, one truly heard story at a time.

    • We will learn together to listen and speak with courage, openness, honesty, and compassion.
    • Confidentiality: What is said in the circle stays in the circle.

The Circle process we will be using creates a confidentially safe, brave space for honest sharing and deep listening for both men and women. Please arrive before the start time. In order to honor the value of the introductory remarks, folks who arrive after we begin will not be able to join us.

Highly Suggested Reading: “Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men” by William Keepin, PhD. Available online as ebook and paperback.

Co-Keepers: Padme Livingstone and Dwain Wilder, Rochester Pachamama Facilitators