Drawdown Solutions: Getting Into Action

Event date 14 Feb '19 18:30 - 28 Mar '19 21:00
Event location Third Presbyterian Church • 4 Meigs Street, Rochester, 14607, NY, United States
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This is a 4-session workshop. The dates will be Thursdays - Feb 14, 21, 28 and March 28. Please plan to attend all sessions, if possible.

Drawdown Solutions:  Getting into Action Workshop

The Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action Workshop is a 4-session workshop that supports you in finding your unique contribution to reversing global warming, and getting into action with like-minded people in your community.  You will explore global warming solutions that interest you, based on the work of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive scientific study of 100 solutions that, together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050, and will discover opportunities to engage with them on a local level.  Through this experience you will see the possibility of reversing global warming, and will find opportunities to pursue that goal as part of a supportive community.


What it offers:

  • Explore scientifically-based global warming solutions from Project Drawdown that excite you.
  • Discover the unique role you have to play in reversing global warming.
  • Develop skills to communicate effectively about reversing global warming
  • Develop a plan for getting into action with others in your local community
  • Be part of a global community changing the conversation about global warming


For more information – contact Dave Inglis at dri.inglis@gmail.com  or 585-426-1385.

www.drawdown.org, www.pachamama.org  FB – Rochester Drawdown, Pachamama Rochester