“Introduction to Drawdown: A Plan to REVERSE Global Warming” 

Denise Rushing
Event date 11 Oct '18 19:00 - 20:30
Event location Mendocino College Lakeport Campus • 2565 Parallel Drive - Room 7120, Lakeport, 95453, CA, United States

Increasing and violent natural disasters are among the very real and tragic consequences of Global Warming.

If you are concerned about the future for our children, grandchildren and the community of life on Earth, join us for:  “Introduction to Drawdown: A Plan to REVERSE Global Warming"

You Will Learn:

-- How Global warming CAN be reversed with solutions that exist TODAY. (The data is in, the solutions are awesome, and implementing them might even be inspiring and fun)

-- An antidote for transforming shock and despair into hopeful and even joy!

-- How to create a tsunami of positive possibility

—What one person can do about global warming

It is time do do this.... together.


(workshop sponsored by the Sierra Club Lake Group and Pachamama Alliance)