Extinction Rebellion

David SmartKnight • 7 November 2018
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The Pachamama Community should know that in the UK a group called Extinction Rebellion are trying to force the governement to step up to the opportunity of the moment, rather than continue the business as usual model.  

Here are a couple of links to guardian articles about it (there are not any other broadsheet papers I know of that have picked up on it yet) : 




It is easy enough to find youtube videos and facebook pages - it is very open - nothing to hide - just people proud to be defying their government in order to protect life.

To my mind Pachamama Alliance needs to know about it, as it may well (hopefully) jump international borders - and there is a need for intelligent and compassionate framing and educating..... especially as it is not only highlighting the mass extinction, but shouting very loudly that we need to face up to the fact, and overwhelming eco-grief cannot be far behind....

Should anyone ever look into the reams of documents prepared in advance, they would find Project Drawdown mentioned as a "comprehensive plan to reverse climate change that is currently being ignored" - if anyone has any means to influence anyone in the UK government, that might be a useful fact to know.....

onwards, upwards and love to all

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