On November 11th, we had the first-ever online event welcoming John Perkins as a main guest speaker!

from the event PR page

The event was held on online meeting platform called ZOOM.
Over 30 Japanese people joined the event and heard John's real voice on time!
Such experience was quite new and fascinating for us, Japanese audience.

Do you think it's a bit small number of people?
Maybe true. However, considering the fact that over 10 years after publication of the  Japanese translation of his "Economic Hitman," we think it was quite successful!

on zoom

Certainly it was valuable opportunity for all of us who participated.

Event was facilitated by former ATD facilitator trainer Fuyuo Sato and featured John and Hiroshi Usami, current chairperson of the board. 

John's real story as he went through the pressure and threat involving his family was so moving and inspiring. His insight of how we, consumers can influence corporates and its leaders felt to give us hope and the sense of responsibility as an impactful player to change the world.

John Perkins on zoom

Here are some comments from the participants of the event:
- I learned it's not about we, consumers can do nothing. We have choices. It is essentially crucial that we pursue not only convenience or inexpensiveness but are more important needs we have as consumers. 
- What he talked about "the success", that  we do not call one single person's success as SUCCESS" left huge impression in me. As a kindergarten teacher, I'd like to share what's most important for us to my kids on daily basis. 
- I am a CEO of small company and currently exploring the way to run my company environmentally sustainable. I learned the importance of thinking right and doing right. I'd like to take what he shared as the guiding principle of my company. 
- We may not be able to change the society if I purchase environmentally sustainable goods and using socially just services only by myself though I have been doing so. I will share environmentally and socially good products to my friends or on my SNS!
- I'll write "love letter" to the company I like so that they can make better products and services for me, society and the future generations to come!