More on our Mission

Wayne Morgenthaler • 19 December 2018

The bigger question is our agenda for action. We have decided on pursuing two related courses. First is an "Introduction" in the center of town at the old seed bank that we have already contacted but having several opinion leading organizations co-sponsors is important to the venue. We are shooting for Jan. 28-30 in an effort to set the agenda for discussions sometime in Feb for a Town Hall meeting in Petaluma with the help of several progressive council people. This Town Hall was why I was so excited about the call with Frankie that didn't happen. She is the master of democracy in my book and we have a lot to learn. More on this later. The second part of our agenda is "Bigger" than we are. We wish to build or join in building a coalition of opinion leading groups in Sonoma County to get councils across the county to vote for a Declaration of Climate Emergency, (as in Richmond, Oakland, Hobokin, London.