Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown

Event date 21 Feb '19 18:00 - 20:00
Event location Pachamama Alliance Office • 1009 General Kennedy Ave, San Francisco, 94129, CA, United States

Note: This event takes place on Thursday, February 21st from 6:00 - 8:00pm Pacific Time.

Pachamama Alliance's Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown workshop is an in-person, inspiring educational experience that invites you to discover a radical and emerging reality in the effort to address climate change.

Through videos and group activities, you’ll learn about the latest research [from Paul Hawken's Project Drawdown] on how it is possible to actually reverse global warming.

We’ll talk briefly about the top 80 solutions identified to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases and how they fit together to form a comprehensive plan to begin to reverse global warming by 2050.

Together, we'll discover a new and empowering relationship to global warming from one of hopelessness and despair towards one of optimism and engagement.