Weekly Welcome - March 4

Pachamama Alliance • 3 March 2019

Weekly Welcome

You can find upcoming opportunities and new members below. Feel free to share any thoughts you have in the comments.

Coming Up: Join a Pachamama Alliance Global Call on March 6 to discuss the role each of us can play in creating a thriving, just, and sustainable democracy with the global Pachamama Alliance community.

New Members: Welcome to the following members who joined the Global Commons in the past week and included their name with their profile.

  • Denise Hayman-Loa - United States
  • Niki Zimcosky - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Judy Todd - Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Fleur - Quebec, Canada
  • Jennifer Sherman
  • Allison Dracha - Temple, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Belle
  • Jim Bunch
  • Sunshine Yates - New Zealand
  • My'Ik Hallé
  • Sabian Takota Warren
  • John Lueders - Weatherby Lake, Missouri, United States
  • Elaine O'Sullivan
  • Marilyn Bredar
  • Sıla Akalp
  • Matthew Gallelli - Palmyra, New York, United States
  • Ginny Kloos - Canada
  • Silke Schmitt - Sankt Augustin, Germany
  • Dickson Nkwabi - Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Neil Mitchell - Australia
  • Quentin Jaud
  • Alison Malisa
  • Carolina Subow - Wien, Austria

Please welcome these new members to the community! You can post on their profile, or use the @mention feature to leave a comment for them in this discussion.

And if you haven't yet, add your name and hometown to your profile to be able to easily connect with other members through the Member Map.

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