Meet-and-Greet #2

Event date 24 Apr '19 17:00 - 19:00
Event location Upslope Brewing Company

Greetings, community! I am hosting a second meet-and-greet Wednesday, April 24th at Upslope Brewery.

I believe that of all the 100 solutions, #101 is a sense of community to help inspire each other and just getting to know each other better in real life. It's amazing what connections can develop in a deeper way than social media provides.

I'll do a guided ice-breaker exercise i call "Success Circles" where the invitation is for each of us to share one success (no matter how small) we've had this week in any area of our lives related to our passion around awakening our inner dreamer, or small steps we've made in our own climate change efforts (no matter how small, it matters).



Last week, I had the privilege of hearing someone who'd I'd consider being a global leader speak at Naropa ~ Charles Eisenstein. One of the questions in the audience was, "How can we meet each other in real life?) (She said she wasn't on Facebook).

I have been coordinating with Kit & Rogér (the community support person at Pachamama Alliance) about hosting a meet-and-greet, and the event at Naropa last week inspired me to "wake the dreams into reality," to quote the "Budding Trees" song by Medicine for the People.

Meet us at Upslope Brewery (off 55th street) Wednesday, April 24th and enjoy a pint for happy hour, and meet new friends and inspiring people-in-action in Boulder.

(Thank you to the single person who came to the meet-and-greet #1 ~ at least I know I'm not alone!)