Kansas City area April Monthly Drawdown Speaker Series

Event date 18 Apr '19 18:00 - 20:30
Event location Kansas City Westport-area home • Address Given Upon RSVP, Kansas City, 64111, MO, United States

Please join us for an evening of food, music, connection, discovery, and deepening our shared understanding and our personal commitment.

"The Soil Carbon Sponge: Regenerative Agriculture and Drawdown"

with Hilary Noonan, MLA, ENV SP 

Thursday, April 18

        6:00-7:00 = Plant Rich Potluck & Song Sharing

                              (bring something to share if you like, or just join in)

        7:00-8:30 = Hilary Noonan Presentation with Q & A

KCMO Westport area home - address given upon RSVP
RSVP to kcdrawdown@gmail.com

Bring a notebook & pen or crayons/colored pencils, if you like, for your personal use.


Regenerative Agriculture can be a powerful tool for Drawdown, so powerful that Walter Jehne from Soil Carbon Coalition was asked to write the goals and parameters for sequestration in the newest UN Climate Accord. Regenerative Agriculture is all about restoring the dynamic living system in soil that manages soil carbon and builds resilience. 75% of terrestrial carbon storage is in soil! Regenerative management of soil carbon will increase carbon storage in soil, in the form of organic matter and microbial community. We can increase CO2 drawdown from the atmosphere and sequestration in soil while reducing CO2 respiration from soil.

Climate change is already affecting water cycles. Healthy soil will increase photosynthesis in plants, thereby increasing root growth and plant health while reducing water needs. We can reset the hydrological cycle in soil. The more soil we manage regeneratively the larger the impact to the hydrological cycle. Drawing down carbon and holding it in the soil holds the promise of mitigating many of the problems that we are
experiencing, both now and in the future.


Hilary Noonan, MLA, ENV SP

Principal, Syntax Land Design, LLC