Rochester Pachamama Community Immerses Seeds of Hope in Nature

Pachamama Alliance • 24 July 2017

This guest News article was written by Mirabai Marquardt and Dave Inglis, Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators and members of the Rochester Pachamama Community.

Seeds of Hope is a group sponsored by the Rochester Pachamama Community where people create the generative energy of hope together - inspiring, supporting, and empowering one another to help create a world that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling for all.

Many people experience life in an artificial bubble of bricks, mortar, siding, and decor, with asphalt streets connecting all the components. “The environment” is all that stuff outside the bubble in which we live, work, shop, and get entertained. We intellectually know that “the environment” is where our food and all our “raw materials” somehow come from. But we don’t have a tangible, visceral, heart-felt sense that it is an integral part of us and we are an integral part of it. It’s no wonder that we can blithely treat our living planet as our storehouse and sewer without having any real awareness of what we’re doing.

The July Seeds of Hope gathering was designed to help us dissolve our bubble and immerse ourselves in the warm, life-giving embrace of Pachamama, who is always happy to welcome her children home.

Mirabai and her husband own a property that includes a small pine forest. They had built a 7'x7' 'earth bed' for the purpose of immersing themselves (and others!!) in Mother Earth. We gathered in the pine forest and made ourselves comfortable on chairs and benches set up around the earth bed. After Mirabai welcomed everyone to the space, Tim McGowan opened Sacred Space with a beautiful guided visualization to awaken to our senses and experience the ongoing creation of our universe that has propelled life forward to where we are today. Padme Livingstone shared a meditation on 'Becoming a Ponderosa Pine', which grounded us into the activities of the day.  

Everyone was invited to meander through the woods, commune with trees, and/or experience the earth bed immersion. Each person received a packet of sacred tobacco to scatter while giving thanks for all that Gaia gives to us. Most of us were drawn to stay at the earth bed, and to participate in covering the two people who wanted to experience a full immersion. It was a deeply meaningful experience for each of us.  

After gathering the group back together to the sound of Mirabai's medicine drum, we listened to a recording of a piece composed by Dave's daughter Emilyn about her experience of the musical vibration of flowers that she had been photographing. The group then shared glasses of maple water to further imbibe our unity with the natural world.

Dave then led us in sharing an experience from our past or from this gathering when we felt especially connected to or gifted by nature. The sharings dove-tailed beautifully into one another and culminated with a spontaneous a capella singing of an old hymn. The reverence, the deep connection, and the sense of community - human/forest/nature/earth was palpable.  

And all of this in an hour and a half!